Monday, November 5, 2018

I Suppose Somebody Else Needed Them More

Sometimes it's hard to determine which side of Even Steven's graces you're currently on. Are you getting back the good karma you've put out, or are you on the downswing, having your fortunes Even-Stevened out, to put you back on even keel? It goes without saying that Mrs. HM does not deserve the downside of the Evening! Right? She's not an evil person. Doesn't even speak her mind (in person) when she's been wronged.

Anyhoo...I usually find several pennies through the week, which I consider to be Pennies From Heaven. Letting me know that I'm on the right track, being thought of, and just generally that I'm an okay person. What goes around comes around, you know. But with my lottery wins, I notice hot streaks, where I win more than the odds would predict, and then frigid streaks, where everything I touch loses like it purchased by Farmer H's big ol' bear paws.

I did not find a single penny this week.

Huh. Have I been a bad gal? No. I don't think so. Although I did NOT stop to visit my mom at the cemetery this week. That's because on my usual visiting day of Friday, the workers had a tractor out, digging a grave. I don't know about you, but when that happens, I go by the motto: If the groundskeepers are excavatin', don't go a-converatin'. It would be impolite, it think. Like going into that area during a funeral.

Anyhoo...on Sunday, my trip to town lasted about 45 minutes. As I left, I had a text from Farmer H telling me his whereabouts for the next four hours (auction, of course). I sent out a text to The Pony, since he had not responded the night before. This one just asked if he was okay. Which he was, one minute later, when he replied that he was on a date. Whoopsie! Excuse me! Must have been a lunch date, but I didn't pry.

Anyhoo...I went in The Gas Station Chicken Store to cash in a $50 winner. Then to Country Mart to pick up a couple tickets. I did not find a penny in either extablishment. So this week was starting off barren in the Future Pennyillionaire department as well.

While driving home, I was thinking about The Pony when I turned onto our gravel road, since that's where I'd received the text from him. I was hoping he had a good time (NOT LIKE THAT!). Coming up our driveway, I was thinking about my mom and her slaw, and clicking through the radio stations for a good song before I put T-Hoe in the garage where the music dies.

THAT SONG WAS ON THE RADIO! The one that reminds me of Mom. "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye." By Patty Loveless.

Heh, heh. I guess Mom has no bones to pick with my behavior last week. Nor Even Steven. I won $65 on the tickets I bought.


River said...

You didn't find any pennies because Even Steven was out here in Australia for the day. I found a five cent piece.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, he can't be everywhere at once! It's not like Even Steven is Santa Claus. I hope you enjoyed his visit, and that he splits his time between here and there. He's back, though! Because today (Monday the 5th), I FOUND A PENNY!

fishducky said...

Will that put you back on track?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I hope so!