Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Hillmomba Triangle

I might have mentioned once or twice that we've had a spate of mail truck accidents in Hillmomba. They were in mid-September, and I worried about my DISH bill making it to DISH people on time. They never send it out in a timely manner, you know, nor credit it right away. I guess those DISH people are too busy listening to the cat and his fiddle, and contemplating chucking the whole work-for-a-lving thing, and making plans to run away with the spoon. It doesn't help that we have the Hillmomba Triangle, more dangerous to mail trucks than its North Atlantic cousin is to ships and planes.

Anyhoo...I know my DISH payment arrived with a day to spare in October. My other bills don't give me such a short window of time between arrival of the statement, and due date of the payment. So I sometimes will drop them off at the drive-thru mailbox on the street across from the dead mouse smelling post office.

Of course The Universe and Even Steven are having a real chucklefest right now. Me...not so much. I opened up the online Daily Hillmomban newspaper Friday morning, and was shocked to see a headline:

One Injured After Mail Truck Overturns on Old Hillmomba Road

A U.S. Postal Service employee was injured in a rollover crash at 9:30 a.m. Thursday on Old Hillmomba Road.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol report, Mail Lady X, 39, of Bill-Paying Town, was driving a 1994 Grumman LLV mail truck westbound on Old Hillmomba Road just east of Private Industrial Road when the vehicle ran off the left side of the roadway. The vehicle struck a tree and a fence and then overturned.

She was wearing her seat belt and was transported to Hillmomba Health Center North with minor injuries.

It's good to hear that the Mail Lady had only minor injuries. Not so good to hear that THIS HAPPENED BETWEEN THE MAIN POST OFFICE AND THE DEAD MOUSE SMELLING POST OFFICE.

So much for my credit card bill that I mailed at the DMSPS drive-thru mailbox on Wednesday afternoon. Since I drive by this wreck area at least 3 times a week, I know from the pictures and description that this Mail Lady was heading TOWARD the DMSPS, on the way to pick up the mail there, after dropping off mail from the main post office.

I'm thinking my credit card bill should be safe. If, perhaps, a day later than I anticipated. There's still a good window of time for that one to arrive at its destination.


fishducky said...

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will stop the mail, but accidents WILL slow it down!!

River said...

So sorry to hear someone was injured.
On the other hand, I KNOW you don't trust online banking, but it is the most convenient way to pay bills and know they're on time. You don't have to set up any direct debits either. Just find out the bill paying number from the back of your account and use that to designate the destination of the funds from your account. Of course you need to set up an online banking account. But then if you're alone at home one evening and post offies are closed, the bill is due next day and there's a life threatening storm going on outside, you can just sit down by New Delly, open up your online bank account and send those funds, knowing the recipient will have the money by business opening the next day.
Well, that's how it happens here for me anyway.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I see why they didn't select you to write their slogan. Too much disclosure!

That's how I paid Genius's college fees every semester, and now The Pony's. I haven't had a problem. But my mobile deposits for The Pony's spending money in his credit union each month were delayed for 6 WEEKS because they updated their site, and the vendor messed up. Kind of hard to get him money in Oklahoma. Good thing he has another account here. But it still took him 10 days to get that money transferred into the "updated" account.

I just don't trust the online process enough. Or that my internet won't be down due to weather affecting my satellite connection.