Sunday, November 4, 2018

This Is Why We Can't Receive Nice Things

Wouldn't you know it? The very same day that I read about the latest mail truck wreck in Hillmomba, I got home to find somebody else's mail in EmBee's gullet!

It was only a political advertisement postcard. We get so many each day, from both parties, and a buttload from individual candidates, that one more doesn't really matter to our wastebasket. However...some lady didn't get her mail!

Sorry, Some Lady, that I threw it right in the trash, and didn't try to find you. Yes, I am aware that I am violating a federal law by destroying someone else's mail. But by the time I took it back to the dead mouse smelling post office on Saturday, and they sent it over to the main post office on Monday for re-delivery, this would arrive after election time. Even barring a MAIL TRUCK ACCIDENT! Besides, I'm pretty sure you know who you want to vote for by now.

Here's the thing. This address is not even remotely close to being OUR address. Of the street numbers, only one of the four was the same as one of ours. We don't live on a highway. The town is not even the same! This lady lives way over in Bill-Paying Town, at least 20 miles from us. So we are NOT the CURRENT RESIDENT of that address.

Do you think Some Lady got Farmer H's mailer of casino comps for November, from our newest favorite casino? The one that gives coupons for actual MONEY instead of free play? We usually get $20 for each week. I got my comps. Farmer H did not.

They're probably in somebody's wastebasket.


River said...

20 miles is a big difference for such a mistake. Possibly it got missed in the sorting machine/room because being such a thin card without an envelope it might have been stuck to something else and then came loose when dropped into your mailbox.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I actually agree that part of this mistake could be machine-related, because it's an entirely different zip code. I think the machine separates zip codes to send to designated post offices.

But also gets sorted to each route driver, whose job it is to arrange the mail in order for their delivery. I've taken the USPS tests for Rural Carrier, and that's a big part of it, looking at address numbers and putting them in order. So I think my driver should have seen it, and put it aside for delivery by someone else. Probably, seeing what it is, he just didn't bother.