Thursday, July 11, 2019

One Post Forward And Two Posts Back

Sometimes, I wish a story could tie itself up with all its loose ends, and be done. Complete. Fini. Of course that never seems to happen. Sometimes, it's actually a bonus, because then I have something else to blather on about when Farmer H isn't fulfilling his duties as Blog Post Generator.

A couple days ago, I revealed how the FedEx man came a-pounding at the unMansionly hour of 9:24 a.m. Well. Something good has come of it.

"You know, people wouldn't have to pound on the door like maniacs if the doorbell worked. What's it been now, about 10 years?"

"HM. It hasn't been 10 years since the doorbell worked."

"I'm pretty sure it hasn't worked since before Genius went off to college. And that was in 2013."

"Well. That's not 10 years! Can't you subtract?"

"I think it didn't work for a while BEFORE he left."

"I'll go get my ladder and see what size battery it takes."

"Oh, yeah. You replaced that weird one with wires from when we moved in, and put up the battery version. So there's really no excuse for our doorbell not working all these years! Just for the lack of a battery!"

Farmer H was already on his way downstairs for the three-step little ladder my mom gave us one Christmas. It's pretty handy. Not that I would try to climb on it, mind you. What do you think I am, some wily sure-footed mountain goat? Anyhoo... I guess given the choice of listening to me carp at him, or expending [approximately] 10 years worth of effort to investigate the doorbell situation, Farmer H chose the latter.

"It takes C batteries. Three of them."

"I'm on my way to The Devil's Playground now. So I'll look for some."

Of course they come in packs of two, or packs of four. And the display was out of most brands, so I had to get the really expensive version of the Duracell Coppertops, that supposedly last for 10 years. Those dang batteries will probably outlive us! It cost me over $10 for four batteries. I suppose that's only a dollar a year to run our doorbell, and we still have an extra battery!

Oh, yeah. Our doorbell sounds like this. It's Big Ben's half-hour chime.


River said...

I want a doorbell that plays the theme song from CSI: "who are you, who who?"
I remember also wanting a different theme song, but can't remember now what it was.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Maybe it was the theme for CSI: New York. The one that starts "Out here in the fields..." Some people call that song Teenage Wasteland, but the real name is Baba O'Riley. I don't watch any of the CSI shows, but that's what I always think of when I hear that song. Maybe not a logical theme for a doorbell, though.

River said...

No, it wasn't another CSI, something completely different, which I will probably remember suddenly in the middle of the night one day.