Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame. Shame On You. 'Cause You Took Up TWO!

Whoa! Mrs. HM is on a rampage today! I'd been robbed of my beauty sleep, trapped like an old bat in a lair in my bedroom for 75 minutes (story coming up eventually), and had just come from waiting 20 minutes in line for bad bagging choices at The Devil's Playground. I was in no mood to suffer a parking fool. So I took matters and my cell phone camera into my own hands.

That ne'er-do-well is across my two favorite parking spaces at the Casey's over by The Devil's Playground. Oh, you may tsk-tsk and make excuses. "Well, it just parked like the truck on the other side of the striped handicap walkway..."

NO! No, no, no! There are lines painted on the blacktop. Parking in that row is nose-in, just like I am parked in T-Hoe!

You may not see the lines in my picture, because the lighting is all blown out in the bright 91-DEGREE sun. If you look closely, you'll see one at the bottom of the picture, and another in front of that car's bumper, and one running under the middle of the car.

WHO DOES THAT? Takes up TWO parking spaces?

I'm not even blurring out the license number. SHAME! Shame on you!

Perfect justice could have been achieved if a car had parked in that handicap spot denoted by the sign, and then a Coca Cola truck had parked along the road behind this scoff-lot, trapping it in the 91-DEGREE HEAT for a half hour.

I'm pretty sure Even Steven is on the case, though.


Sioux Roslawski said...

People who park like that are special. They are the exception. They deserve privileges that the rest of us are undeserving of.

River said...

Let's assume it is someone new to the area and thought if the truck is parked that way on that side of the store then that is the way to park. Of course if it happens again, we'll know it is just someone who doesn't give a damn and deserves to be fined.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Unfortunately for them, they sometimes encounter someone who's older, and has more insurance, at the Piggly Wiggly. Or Wynn Dixie. The chain escapes me, but the scene does not.

I commend you on your forgiveness skills, and the ability to consider alternative scenarios that do not point to the OBVIOUS CONSPIRACY TO STEAL MRS. HM'S PARKING SPACE! Heh, heh. You are much kinder than me and Madam above, by allowing this UNREPENTANT MONSTER a second chance.

Even if they are new here, if they can't see that the red truck is parked within lines denoting its parking space, and that they are facing down a row of such lines denoting parking perpendicular to their vehicle... I think their license should be revoked, for obvious limits with their vision. In real life, those lines were clearly visible, not glared out by my phone camera.

Ne'er-do-wells shall rule the day when Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is declared RULER OF THE WORLD!