Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Gas Station Chicken Store Is A Saucy Temptress

Every day when I belly up to the checkout counter at The Gas Station Chicken Store, I look at the culinary delights that have been set before me. To tempt me into a last-minute purchase. It was here, after all, where I discovered the coconut-flavored M&Ms. I'm pretty sure they are no longer available. Not for my lack of purchase, however. I got some whenever I could find them. I usually resist the counter wares, with that one exception, and also a lemon-icing little snack cake a few years ago.

Anyhoo... I was intrigued by this new product, and snapped a photo while the newest clerk guy was scanning my winning scratchers.

I think I was more intrigued by the name: Elfin Mix. It was something I thought might appeal to The Pony. After all, when we used to watch Big Brother together in summers past, he wanted a particular contestant to win. I, myself, did not see anything special in her. A kind of mousy twenty-something gal with glasses, who purported to be a math major at an Ivy League college. The Pony declared, "How can you NOT like her? She's an Elven Princess!"

Anyhoo... I sent The Pony this picture, and he replied almost immediately.

"Eww. You don't mix sweet and salty."

Huh. He seems to forget that when we go to the movies, I put Reese's Pieces in my popcorn. I did not, however, buy the Elfin Mix. It looks tasty enough to me, without the pretzels. I like pretzels just fine as pretzels, though. Alone. Not in a mix with cookies and candy and caramel corn. Not chocolate-covered.

And especially not inside M&Ms, which I think is a new flavor I don't plan to try.


River said...

Of course you can mix sweet and salty, what's wrong with him, tsk tsk. A salty premium cracker spread with sweet strawberry jam is heavenly. I probably wouldn't have bought the Elfin Mix either though. it just doesn't sound appealing enough. To me.

Hillbilly Mom said...

That does not sound like a heavenly snack to me. I prefer strawberry jam on those hard little animal cracker type cookies. Mmm. Haven't had that since college! Now I want to go buy some jam and animal cookies! You, too, are a saucy temptress, as far as my palate is concerned!

If somebody GAVE me the Elfin Mix, I'd eat it. First I'd remove all the pretzels. Then I'd eat the other items separately. Not mixed together.