Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Arch Nemesis Pushes The Envelope

Arch Nemesis stopped by yesterday afternoon to share a tale of biological horror with me.

“We’ve been making z0rks. You know, the imaginary offspring of two parents with a specific set of dominant/recessive traits. So I go to hang them on the wall, you know, to see if some of them actually came out looking alike. ‘I’m going to see if we have any twins or triplets,’ I say. Then I go to taping. They were allowed to name them. And I grab this one and its name is Orgie. I stuck it up there, but nobody said anything. Thank goodness O Loud One was absent. Because he would’ve. And that new kid, he looked at it and looked around the room, like ‘What kind of kids ARE there in this school?’ But he didn’t say anything. I was relieved.

Well…I kept Artiste after class. I said, ‘Do you say it orGie?’ You know, with a hard G. And she said, ‘Yeah.’ And I said, ‘Do you know that you can say it another way? OrJie?’ And she said, ‘Yeah. That’s how I say it.’ So I said, ‘You know that means something else.’ And Artiste said, ‘It does? What is that?’ So I said, ‘A BIG NAKED PARTY!’ And she said, ‘OH!’ And I said, ‘How about we put another letter in front of it? Like the first letter of your last name.’ And Artiste said, ‘Yeah.’

So if you hear I had an orgy in my classroom today, I did. But only for a brief time."


Sioux said...

A new-ish term that some kids around here use is T.H.O.T. (When said, it sounds almost like "thought.") Can you guess what the acronym stands for?

Hillbilly Mom said...

That's a new one on me. Haven't a clue. Did not want to disturb my BFF Google.

Sioux said...

I'm sure Google would be clueless as well.

T.H.O.T. stands for