Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's 27 Somewhere

Welcome to the Land Of 27, formerly known as Hillmomba!

The road signs haven't changed yet, nor the maps, but I'm sure the updates are imminent. Because, you see, for the last two weeks, every time I check my phone, the temperature is 27. I know that can't be right. Bright sunlight, dripping eaves...or bone-chilling wind, T-Hoe's in-mirror thermometer proclaiming 4 degrees...my phone says I'm in Hillmomba, and the temp is 27.

Every now and then it switches location when I haven't moved. It shows that the Earth is dark while the sun beats down on the Mansion. Something is rotten in Evo land. I asked The Pony if I need an update. Remind me to thank him for not snickering. Or whickering. He said he doesn't know how to make my phone weather work. What does he know? He lost the ability to open his email on his last phone. That's kind of one of the crucial things he used the phone for. Certainly not for calling people. He doesn't really care about them, you know. He uses his phone for tethering and unlimited internet, for texting his paramour, and for checking his email in case he gets notices from colleges. Somehow the situation resolved itself when he took over the #1 son's old phone.

Springtime is just a month away. Then summer. I wonder how chill I will feel in the Land Of 27.


Sioux's Page said...

The summer.

The last summer before the next summer, when it becomes permanently summer. At least for you.

Hillbilly Mom said...

So close, but yet so far! My best ol' ex-teaching buddy Mabel says I have 58 school days left. Not that I'm counting. Or letting her count for me...

I'm sure the last year will simply fly by. Because I won't give a fat rat's patootie when something goes awry, because IT WILL BE MY LAST YEAR TO DEAL WITH AWRYNESS!