Monday, February 16, 2015

Laying Out My Plans

I had grand plans today. Plans to get my blog posts done early, and to sit down and enjoy myself in my dark basement lair. Treat myself to a little writing time. I had two brilliant ideas. Now, not so much.

The Pony needed some lunch, so I made him pasta. Then I whipped up a vat of chili, which Farmer H had for HIS lunch. Not the whole thing. That's supposed to be tomorrow's supper. After a brief interlude when laundry called my name, I put together a meat loaf for tonight's supper, and poured some bread mix into the Bread Man. Then I had to wash up all those dishes. And fix my own lunch. It was going on 2:00 by then. The meat loaf had to be put in the oven by 4:30. Then I had to get the mashed potatoes ready.

The supper dishes are going to wait until morning. I deserve a break today. school tomorrow. Then I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday. I left my plans at school, everything ready, just in case of this scenario. With any luck, we'll get out Wednesday, too, which will solve the problem of getting The Pony to school and getting back in time to pick him up.

Hard to believe this is only our fourth snow day. But you know what is truly amazing? THIS IS MY LUNCH DUTY WEEK!

Tomorrow, I have grand plans.


Sioux said...

"Enjoy your day off tomorrow, for those who have to suffer (and work)," Sioux snarled in a surly manner.

HM said, "If only, if only..."

Sioux said...

Yippee! Us city folk got the day off, too.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Wow. Not-Heaven froze over, and nobody told me.

This is how the other half lives, Madam. The half who drive T-Hoes too dirty for an ex-mayor's tastes.

"If only, if only,"
Hillbilly Mom said,
"A faculty restroom sink was roomy enough
for that Madam's head.

Then the firemen could go
to Hillmomba, you see,
and put on their act in
Newmentia's lounge, tee hee!"