Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm Still Not Changing That Wish

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom should have been careful what she wished for!

Remember the days when she bemoaned the obsessive-compulsive style, the passive-aggressive style, the overstepping-the-boundaries style of Cus? Well...I'm not wishing to have Cus back. Not at all. But I WAS thinking about Cus just yesterday morning, when I noticed how my laptop screen was coated with dust. By the same token, my power has not dropped below 100% since the day Cus left. There was some definite shenaniganning going on there.

You might recall that our support staff has been turned topsy turvy, what with an injury to a kingpin. So there has been a parade of replacements taking turns servicing Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's room. Still. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom should not have to dump her own trash of a morning because it is still overflowing from the day before. And you would think that a reasonably-abled person would notice that when sweeping is done, there's still an a) giant clump of mud at the back of the room in the main traffic area, b) that a four-inch-long strip of yellow cellophane wrapper is in the middle of the main aisle in the back of the room (it even gives a SCRUNCH sound when stepped on, which I did twice), and c) an orange stub of colored pencil has been in the same place between two desks all week.

But this takes the cake. Not a real cake. Mrs. HM would never waste a real cake just to make a complaint! Pretend there is a cake to be taken. And here is the taker nomination:

That, my friends, is an unfolded large paperclip. Not the dinky little home-office kind of paperclip. The large, industrial size paperclip. Those tiles are 12 inches by 12 inches. That little booger is at least four inches long. Maybe more.

How can you not notice that? Especially since it was in the opposite corner of the room yesterday, cattycorner from Mrs. HM's desk. Uh huh. I suppose it's a worm coming to tell some spineless tale to Mrs. Hillbilly Mom in order to escape a roomful of adolescents. Or perhaps, somebody POSED it that way after school, like a silver metal snake, ready to strike.

Seriously. If your job was to push a broom around a classroom, could you NOT notice that you shoved this thing from one corner to another?


Sioux said...

Our Cus is blind when it comes to overflowing recycling bins, grimy corners and dusty TVs.

Perhaps they need glasses?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm sure that's it! A round of spectacles from The Devil's Playground rack for all!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

no one takes pride in their work anymore, doesn't matter the job, it should be done well!
says the woman who has to clean toilets in a campground!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Obviously, you have glasses!