Saturday, April 9, 2016

Going Out A Winner

Friday was the end of an era. The last time Mrs. Hillbilly Mom will ever take a gang of rag-tag sciency inquisitors to the Greater Hillmomba Science Fair at the local junior college.

Numbers were down this year. Whereas a group of 13-14 presenters with 8-9 projects usually join Mrs. HM, the district music competition on the same date severely limited her prospects. So only 4 participants made the trip, with two of them being from under the wing of Arch Nemesis. Not exactly from under the wing. As Arch stated her own self: "All I did was sign the entry form. Neither asked me for input." Which, perhaps, speaks volumes as to the guidance the students received in their formative years, below the Arch Nemesis level, from the two Basementia instructors and Mrs. Hillbilly Mom.

Out of the 4 projects judged on Friday, one earned honorable mention, and three won their categories. That's a pretty good percentage, but nothing unusual for Newmentia's track record. The Basementia had 11 entries, and brought home an honorable mention, a 3rd Place, and a 1st Place. Excellent, considering that some of their categories had 46 entries, and that the Basementia/Newmentia contingent is from one of the smallest school districts competing.

Lest you think this is some rinky-dink affair...feast your eyes on the magnitude of this competition.

Well done, pupils. Well done.


fishducky said...

I helped my 13 year old niece with her science fair project after her mom died. What fun--& what a challenge!!

Sioux said...

HM--Meatloaf sang that "Two out of three ain't bad," but 4 out of 4 is super.

Are you keeping track of your accomplishments so if you ever want to go after a part-job to get away from Farmer H, you will have it on your resume?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I LOVE science fair time! A most interesting project one of my kids had this year was testing the aroma of various scented oils to see how they affect short-term memory. She had hoped to tie it in to long-term memory with the goal of developing help for Alzheimer's patients. A grand plan, but you've gotta start somewhere.

Last year I like the one that soaked rib bones (food ribs, not people ribs!) in solutions to see what digested them fastest.

No. No part-time job for ME! The part-time job will be for Farmer H, while I cool my heels at home. And squirrel away bail money for his "medicine" delivery arrest. Though just this morning, he spoke of getting a delivery job for an auto parts store. So maybe he's wising up to that unmarked pharmacy...