Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Looks Like Mrs. HM Needs To Start Looking For A New Venue To Practice Her Stand-Up Routine

There's never a dull moment at the Semi Weekly Meeting of the Newmentia Lunch Time Think Tank. At least not while Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is still kickin'. And Jewels is still talkin'.

"I know. It's really so country over here." Said Jewels. Herself a graduate of the public academy one school to the north, in the district where Mrs. Hillbilly Mom resides. "I remember one of the first times I came over to get stuff ready on the weekend. My boyfriend was with me. We were unloading my car over at the old building, and we heard a noise. Up on the hill. He said, 'What is THAT? A kid?' And I had to tell him no--"

"It was the donkey! You know. The one that belongs to--"

"Yeah! And I told him what it was. And I thought, 'What have I gotten myself into? I'm surrounded by a bunch of donkeys!'"

Of course Mrs. Hillbilly Mom could not resist. "Oh, you mean like every day? HERE?"


Thank you. I'll be here all week, except for Friday, when I'm gone to the scientific competition at the local junior college.


Sioux said...

HM--Since your friend refuses to let me know when her book-signings are, perhaps you could let me know when you're appearing at a comedy club.

I'd gladly pay for a ticket or for a drink minimum to heckle and chuckle...

Hillbilly Mom said...

You could spend a skosh less money, and pay for a school lunch tray to sit in on a semi weekly meeting of the Newmentia Lunch Time Think Tank.