Monday, April 25, 2016

You May THINK You Know...But You Have NO Idea!

I present, for your viewing pleasure, the following snapshot from our recent excursion to procure a special award for The Pony.

Yes. I heard you gasp in horror. That is a photo of our Holiday Inn Express bathroom counter. Oh, don't worry. They didn't leave a previous tenant's false teeth in our room. That's Farmer H's partial plate, surrounding The Pony's senior ring.

Uh huh. The Pony has a senior ring. I'm sure that's the part that shocked you.

Now cover up the toothy part, and imagine that ring not in the center of the picture. Go ahead. Yes, use your HANDS to touch the screen and cover those false teeth. See how that ring virtually disappears? The Pony had left it there while taking his shower, and did not pick it up when he left the bathroom. Good Samaritan Farmer H marked the spot with the very teeth out of his mouth. That's a loving father for you! That ring could easily have been left behind, all camouflaged on the counter.

Here's a little bigger view.

I hope none of you feel about teeth the way I feel about feet.


Sioux said...

I hope Farmer H did not scoop up the ring accidentally when he scooped up his partial plate and in doing so, swallow the ring.

Of course, all things must pass...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

HeWho has a cousin named Darlene. She is a klutz, always losing things and getting hurt in the most unusual ways. She had a partial plate when she was very young, before her permanent teeth came in, due to some calamity which knocked most of her front teeth out. When they all get together, one of them will usually start with a Darlene story .... "Remember that time Darlene threw up and lost her false teeth in the toilet ..."
I know, nothing to do with the ring or the countertop, or even the love of a father. When you get old, just about anything can trigger a memory.

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Pony would never have worn that ring again if that was the outcome.

Lost her false teeth down the toilet? Is that the best she could do? Farmer H lost HIS false teeth to a mouse, and spied them in the mouse hole in the wall while sitting on the toilet on the day before Christmas Eve. Said that was the best Christmas gift he ever got. I'm sure the #1 son, born on Dec. 12, might protest.