Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Pony Is A Platonic Two-Timer

Hot off the press! The Pony is a platonic two-timer!

Yes, I know it's hard to believe. Our little Pony, the fellow who cares not one whit for helping people or what they think of him, is stepping out on his nonparamour!

Here's how it went down. As you may recall, The Pony snagged himself a last-minute prom date. It's not a love connection. Not necessarily even a friend. Just a fellow competitor on his smartypants team, junior division. The Pony tried to become more acquainted. Tried to arrange a meet-up for an evening of bowling. A movie. Was readily available for text conversations. But once the prom arrangements were made, it seemed as if The Pony was equina non grata. One- or two-word responses to his queries. And when trying to ask, in passing, in the hallway, about color preferences for tux and corsage, was bluntly told, "Don't EVEN!" Let the record show that The Pony may or may not have rolled his eyelids inside out during the exchange. But still. He's not an ogre. He doesn't stink. He's valedictorian, gosh darn it, and people are neutral to him. So in his loving mother's opinion, he did not deserve such treatment.

So...I advised that it was his business, but that if I was getting that level of communication, I would simply write it off, go to prom, and say goodbye. Chapter closed. The Pony, though, drifts through life in a fog, caring little about a lot of things. Including people.

Last weekend, The Pony was tied up competing in the district championships. He tried mightily to work in an after-tournament movie excursion with a friend home from college. Since he was not done winning the tournament and MVP until after 8:00, those frantically-texted plans made during half-times fell though. The Pony was off his feed for a couple days over that one.

Today, we traveled to Columbia for The Pony's special award tomorrow. This just happens to be the college town of that old friend. For two hours, ever since we left the #1 son after a lunch visit, The Pony was burning up the cellular phone lines with Old Friend.

"Oh, Dad. Old Friend says we can meet up while I'm in town."

"Okay. I don't mind if you want to ask her to supper with us."

"Hey. We have a pool where we're staying. Too bad you didn't bring your swim trunks. You could have asked her to come over to the pool."

"But I DID. Dad made me get them at the last minute. They're on the hanger handle of my suit."

"There you go!"

A few more frantic minutes of tap tap tapping.

"Swimming is out. She doesn't have a swimsuit."

"Oh, well. You tried."

"She says there's a movie theater two blocks away. And an art show. And she wants to get ice cream. I have money. I can pay."

"Okay. We'll drop you off after we check in. Then you let us know if she's coming to supper with us."

So...we got to the hotel. Farmer H went to check in. The Pony got a text from his prom date.

"Mom. I think she just got up. It's 2:30. But she says 'Good Morning.' I sent her one at 7:00 that said the same thing."

"Huh. Did you tell her that you're going out to a movie and an art show and supper with Old Friend?"

"Don't forget the ice cream!"

"Well...did you?"

"No. And I'm not going to."

The Pony is not one for burning bridges. Even Tacoma Narrows kinds of bridges.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

The Pony has more dating savvy than you think!

Sioux said...

Hey (or Hay!)--If The Pony can move on the dance floor like that bridge moved (before it collapsed) he'll have lots of fun at the prom--and he should feel free to leave his "date" at the refreshment table--alone--for some of those dances.

fishducky said...

Our little boy is growing up!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

So I believed. Until later that night. See the next post.

The Pony moves like Newman pulling a rickshaw with Kramer in the seat. I don't think he's ready to bridge that gap in dance skill just yet.

Yes! He's on the way to leaving the paddock and joining the herd on the free range.