Thursday, April 7, 2016

You Dirty Slit!

Imagine the surprise this week when running copies, as a new message popped up, heretofore unseen by Mrs. Hillbilly Mom’s eyes. “Clean slit glass.” WTF? Who knew Kyocera even HAD a slit? Not Mrs. HM, that’s for sure!

So…it seems that Kyocera has a dirty slit. Which is, perhaps, better than BEING a dirty slit. So unnerved by this message was Mrs. HM that she canceled her print job! Canceled it, so that screen would go away! Then started the remaining copies over. So as not to be reminded of Kyocera’s dirty slit. And more importantly, so that nobody walking in to demand the copier would know that Mrs. HM had no qualms about being serviced by Kyocera’s dirty slit. As long as it was kept hush-hush, you know.

Later, in the privacy of her classroom, Mrs. HM consulted her sometimes BFF Google to see how to help Kyocera come clean. There was a video, but it wasn’t specific to Kyocera. And you don’t go slit-cleaning all willy-nilly, not if you’re Mrs. HM, using techniques tried on other copiers’ slits.

The link for Kyocera was one diagram with a few instructions. Kyocera’s slit looked surprisingly large. Like the entire glass top upon which papers are laid. Even though the instructions said to wipe Kyocera’s slit on the left with a dry cloth. Huh. Deceptively simple.

It was just under the instructions that said to wipe Kyocera’s back side with a soft cloth dampened with alcohol.

Who writes this stuff?


Sioux said...

HM--Who writes that stuff? Apparently a kinky someone who's into metal and plastic things...

Hillbilly Mom said...

And GLASS! Maybe he has a license plate that says GLASSMAN.