Thursday, May 26, 2016

He Might Make A Good Circus Trick Dog

Puppy Jack has turned into a daredevil!

A few days ago, The Pony had him sitting on the front porch pew, and Jack jumped off! That thing is at least two feet high. And to think we were worried about Jack falling down the steps. The Pony said, "I couldn't grab him in time! Juno ran by, and he wanted to follow her. He's never jumped off before."

No. But he has fallen backwards off the porch edge, an  even greater height, but broke his fall on a log below, and then on grass. Not unforgiving porch boards. One of Jack's missteps came when he was barking at Farmer H, who was sitting on the pew, laughing at him. Two little back feet over the edge, and Jack was gone! Farmer H was not at all concerned.

This morning, Jack was a squirmy worm! The Pony went to get him out of the hutch, and carried him back through the rain to the front porch for feeding. Jack could not wait to squirm out of The Pony's arms and run to me, jumping against my leg, poking me with his torpedo nose, letting me know to pick him up. Then he immediately began to ascend Mount Hillbilly Mom until he reached my shoudlers. Then wiggled down to lick my chin. He's a loving little guy. In all his corkscrewing, he gouged my forearm with his needle-sharp puppy toenails and drew blood. The vet had offered to trim his nails for free, but I thought he might need them, being so little, with a cat out to get him, and who knows what other predators might try to nab him in the blink of an eye.

My forearm begs to differ.

When the rain thinned, The Pony took Jack out to the yard for pooping. Of course he was too busy exploring. Then he ran back to toward the porch. He made a leap at the single step to get up on Farmer H's brick sidewalk, and miscalculated. He slammed his chin onto the wooden board that holds in the edge of the bricks. That made him shake his head and sneeze. Then he acted like he meant to do it, and scampered up the four porch steps without incident, and ran to torpedo my legs again.

I'm growing fond of that little guy.

Let the record show that this is The Pony's leg, not mine.


fishducky said...

Puppy Jack is SO cute!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I know! I find myself saying that about 10 times a day. Also...let the record show that the squirrel head showing under The Pony's leg is NOT REAL! We used to get real squirrel heads left by the cats, but this is Jack's toy, which has now disappeared, having last been seen in Juno's mouth as she carried it off the porch and into the yard.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I want a puppy!! My dogs would hate it, but I love puppies!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I wasn't sure I wanted this little guy, but HE LOVES ME! We would be inseparable if he had his way. Every day I tell Farmer H that he's coming in the house when it's 20 below this winter. So far he's been pushing for the garage, which is not heated. I counter with the BARn, which is. But the house is always the first option.

I think I might be slowly wearing him down. I have six months or so to work on him. Every day he says NO. But yesterday, he said, "Well...if it's 20 below...maayyybe."