Saturday, May 14, 2016

You Can Lead The Pony To Panera's And You Just Might Make Him Eat

On Friday, The Pony was sent home early. No, he didn't wreak havoc, kicking up his heels in the hallowed halls of Newmentia. He and all the other soon-to-be graduates had a practice session for the graduation ceremony, took a little tour of Elementia (a new tradition started this year) to walk by their old classrooms in their graduation finery, and be cheered by pupils and remembered by their teachers. Academics is a big deal at Newmentia. Around 10:30, they were dismissed. Forever.

The Pony had made plans with a little gal in his class to go out for lunch. Just a friend connection. The Pony loves to go to Steak 'N' Shake. I don't even know if he proposed this destination to LG. The last he told me, they were going to Pasta House. The Pony loves him some pasta, but even more, he loves him some unlimited rolls and butter. He also mentioned that he had suggested CiCi's Pizza (lovin' their pasta and cheese bread), but LG didn't want to go there.

The Pony had offered to pay, so I gave him some cash. The #1 son used to demand it, and The Pony would gladly have spent his own money, but I figure I can at least give him a tenth of what #1 soaked up. I asked if he was familiar with the concept of tipping, and if he had small bills. He assured me that he was, and he did.

The plan was for him to leave his truck at The Devil's Playground, and LG would drive from there, then return him to his truck, so as not to have to go all the way back to Newmentia afterward. Like a good son, The Pony sent me a text that they were finished eating, and LG was stopping for some Silly String before dropping him at his truck.

"Don't you want to get some Silly String, too?"

"No. I'm a good kid."

I wonder if The Pony knows that his Permanent Record has now been closed?

He also let me know when he got home, and that he had picked up the mail. Of course I didn't see those texts until after school, because, unlike the pupils, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom abides by the rules of Newmentia and turns her phone completely off during school hours.

When I got home, I found out that The Pony and LG had eaten at Panera's. Let the record show that The Pony is not crazy about Panera's. Every time a school trip stopped there, he was unsure of what to eat. One time he had a grilled cheese with a piece of french bread as his side dish. (He loves bread more than Homer Simpson loves Duff beer.) Anyhoo...since LG really likes Panera's that's where they went.

"What did you eat?" I thought maybe he might have ordered bread with a side of bread.

"I had what she had."

"Which was...?"

"The cheddar-broccoli soup and half a turkey sandwich." Let the record show that if I served that at the Mansion, The Pony would go hungry rather than eat it.


"See? Aren't you happy? I'm trying new foods!"

That boy might just survive at college after all.


Sioux said...

Wow! Broccoli soup and a turkey sandwich! That's is spicy, foreign food from an exotic land.

The Pony is one adventurous young man these days...

Hillbilly Mom said...

He's livin' on the edge!