Monday, May 16, 2016

That Mrs. Hillbilly Mom! She Even Came To School When She Could Have Used One Of Her 96 Sick Days For A Doctor's Appointment!

Yeah. That's not what they're going to say. They're going to say, "Who was Mrs. Hillbilly Mom?" Right, Mabel? You're the one who taught me those words of wisdom.

Still...I have an appointment tomorrow to have some blood withdrawn from the tender bend of my elbow into a needle screwed to a test tube. Make that TWO test tubes! They always take two. Apparently, Mrs. HM's blood requires a lot of testing. Sorry, Mabel, for making you feel faint.

I could have used a sick day. Had the whole day off. But what's the point? It's my next-to-last day. My last FULL day. Or it would be, if I was there all day. So I guess today was my last full day of work EVER, and I missed it!

I volunteered to come in as soon as I was blood-less. No need to get a sub if somebody could cover for me. I know my crony Mrs. Not-A-Cook woulda. But I had to go through the proper channels, and was told that the librarian would be taking my first two classes. I don't think it will be a great hardship. The library books have had to be turned in for two weeks now. So I can't imagine what's going on down in the library. I doubt that it's a hotbed of activity.

But my work logistics are not the issue. My blood test is the issue. Every six months I go in for a tuneup. Usually, the mechanic doc says I am running just fine. Five minutes of looking at me, and he schedules another six-month tuneup. This time, I had to put off the appointment because it fell on the day before our standardized testing. So the doctor's office staff jumped it ahead three weeks. I always have the bloodwork the week before the appointment. They give me that form saying what tests need to be done on my blood.

I always lose the form.

Oh, I put it right where I know I can find it in six months. Or so I think. That safe haven being on top of my computer tower. So tonight I get to looking for the form, and think I have it. Right there on the bottom, where I put it six months and three weeks ago. I was barely near retirement way back then! It was right after I got that flu shot that blew up my knee. Sometimes I can't find that form until I look inside the book I carried along with me to the appointment. But this time I had it. Or so I thought.

There was the copy the desk gal gave me of my previous lab results. And the new order. But wait! That order said 04/26/15. That's right. 15! So I DIDN'T have the right form. Or DID I? I'm sure the appointment for the lab that I changed was on April 26. That WAS the day before our testing. But this form was a Xerox. Or a Kyocera. Not the usual original with the self-carboning pages. Was this a copy of the OLD order, that came before those copied results?

Woe was me. NOW what was I going to do? I figured I'd just go upstairs to the doctor's office, and tell them I needed another form for the lab. I'm sure I'm not the first idiot to lose lab paperwork over a six-month period.

Then I got to thinking (dangerous in itself) and consulted my estranged BFF Google. Did you know that 04/26/15 was a SUNDAY? I am sure I was never scheduled at the lab on a Sunday. I was scheduled for a Tuesday. A week before my appointment on a Tuesday. So way back in October of 2015 when that desk gal wrote out my lab paperwork, she filled in '15' the current year instead of '16' the future year, six months ahead, for my appointment.

I DID have the proper paperwork for my labwork.

Now all I have to do is convince the lab. And most especially, the phlebotomist.


Sioux said...

We go until next Thursday. Other years I would be jealous, but I have sooo much to do before I walk out--forever--so I need every day I can get.

Kick up your heels. Enjoy your retirement... before Farmer H joins you.

Hillbilly Mom said...

You need a little Pony to help you cart out your accumulated accouterments a little each afternoon.