Monday, May 30, 2016

Hillmomba, We Have A Problem

The rains came fast and furious last week. We are used to going around a different way that our regular low water crossing if the water reaches a certain level on our own bridge by Mailbox Row. Now there's this:

That tree had been spanning the creek upstream about 100 yards. Every time I saw it, I thought of the tree that Baby and Johnny practiced on in Dirty Dancing. Now it's all cattywompus on that middle support we use to gauge the height of water on the next low water bridge.

I think Farmer H and his fellow tractor cronies need to hook a chain to that thing and haul it out. They can dump in on the land on the far side of the bridge, where nobody is ever around. Or put it in the creek on the other side of our bridge here. Then it will flow on down to the next bridge, which lets trees over it all the time, and out into the river.

The problem here is that our creek will overflow the sides before it will go over the bridge. That's a GOOD THING. We used to be trapped between the two low water bridges, and had to take a 4th way out.

Maybe I should have just asked those three people parked there on our road this afternoon, I suppose celebrating the holiday by trespassing, and that guy who is not from here who was riding a blue tractor (aimlessly, all bent over the wheel like he was taking a nap, not blading the gravel) if they would try to pick it up and move it.

Might as well make them earn their keep if they're going to enjoy the benefits of OUR land/road ownership.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Why would you ride a tractor around .... Never mind, how silly of me to questions the ways of Missouri back roads citizens!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Obviously someone here visiting over the holiday weekend, and all the 4-wheelers were taken!