Monday, January 30, 2017

These Rockers Don't Rock

The Rockers have been taking liberties!

Our right-side neighbors, the human parents of doggie Copper, are having their rocks mined off the back of their land, down by the creek. I wonder if it's THEIR retirement nest egg. Farmer H said the head Rocker guy talked to him, wanting OUR rocks down by the creek. I said no. Farmer H all along claimed they were our retirement nest egg. So we'll keep them until we need them.

Here's the thing. The Rockers left some large stones in the horse field of our down-the-hill neighbor. That's where they originally started their harvesting. Now, they're ready to take those rocks, too. On Thursday, I left for town and saw that the Rockers had parked their truck and trailer full of pallets on OUR LAND! That's right. They were completely on MANSION land, over in front of the BARn field.

That's because the horse field where those saved rocks were was a muddy mess. I wish I had taken a picture on the way out, but at least I got this one on the way back home. Imagine all those heavy rocks, picked up with a Bobcat, placed on the pallets, stacked on that long trailer. At least they didn't have their flat-bed semi truck parked there.

You know that that means, right? The Mansion BARn field was going to turn into a muddy mess with them loading up rocks there. You don't even want to see the muddy mess the field next to us on down that hill is in now, after the last rock harvest. That's where Farmer H bought two loads of rock to fill in the ditch where the road was washing out from their land-raping. Yeah. Not even our land. But everybody uses the road.

Anyhoo...they got those rocks loaded up today, and there are minimal, though obvious, ruts in the front of our field. But at least it's over.


Sioux said...

You sold your big rocks... Now you're buying small rocks.

It seems, at least, like you're even-Steven when it comes to rocks.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I never considered that connection! You are thinking outside the box, Madam. You ROCK!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I hate it when people take advantage of my property! I am still filling in the ruts from the well rig in my back yard. It takes a lot more grass and dirt than you think it will and the muddy mess in annoying. This is in my personal back yard, where the dogs run and play. You know how much they love a good mud puddle!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Jack would be all over a mud puddle! I don't know why he likes to swim so much. At least these Rockers quit parking there. Farmer H said he was going to talk to them. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I DID see them driving several big rocks, one at a time, up the road from that location on the Bobcat, to the neighbors where they are currently loading.