Sunday, March 5, 2017

It Wasn't Exactly Gas Station Chicken

I am ready to shout at The Devil. On my last three trips to The Devil's Playground, the deli has been out of those pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies. Farmer H has requested them to have for lunches during his extra two days a week off. I bought him the Italian kind a while back and he really liked them. We hadn't had any for a couple of years, so it's a new favorite. I had decided to get some for myself as well, but a different, blander kind. Well! The Devil put the kibosh on that plan!

Who is buying all of the pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies from The Devil? It must be those dadblasted working people! Picking them up for lunch on their way to work. I get to The Playground around 10:00. They have their fried chicken ready to go. I know they just truck in their pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies. They're Black Market or Fresh Market or Market Fresh or some brand. I'm sure they are frozen, cold-trucked, unloaded, and put out on in the deli cool case. You can't tell me that they only get one batch, sell them out, and leave that spot empty for six more days.

You'd think The Devil would be smart enough to order more of those pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies, since they sell so well. I've popped in at different times, later in the day, and still no pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies.

So...I picked up a pack of the Chicken Caesar Wrap. It's a big tortilla rolled around some chunks of white meat chicken layered with a leaf of romaine lettuce, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, and dashed with Caesar dressing. Farmer H didn't really want that. He ate a little big sandwich that I also got in place of the pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies. I ate the Chicken Caesar Wrap. It was good! Of course, I had to tear off about a half mile of tortilla. There wasn't enough filling to justify all that dough. Still. It was good.

This week, they were out of the pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies AND the Chicken Caesar Wrap. Darn that Devil! Darn him all to Not-Heaven!

I picked up some flour tortillas and romaine lettuce and grated Parmesan cheese. I forgot about the Caesar dressing, but figured I could substitute the blue cheese dressing that is in the door of FRIG II, that I made a special trip to town for at Christmas to get for the #1 Son. That's because the bottle I bought for him at Thanksgiving was taken home by him. Save A Lot for some other stuff, I found Caesar dressing!

That's what I had for lunch today. A homemade chicken Caesar wrap, using some Tyson pulled chicken that I had already frozen in individual serving bags in the mini deep freeze. I don't like the tortilla as much as the one The Devil's Black Market uses...but at least there was less of it.

Farmer H was on his own.


Sioux said...

HM--There are more flavorful tortillas (some made with tomato or spinach) at some grocery stores. You can also experiment. Mandarin orange slices go well with blue cheese dressing. You could make a chicken salad-lettuce filling for the wrap, and include grapes you've cut in half or quarters. (Craisins can be added instead, if you like them.)

Whoops. This comment does not sound like me. Perhaps it's too late in the evening for snark or sarcasm...

fishducky said...

"Darn that Devil! Darn him all to Not-Heaven!" Watch your language, Missy!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Are you pitching your own show for the Food Network? And isn't it past your bedtime, Madam? You shouldn't stay up so late on a school night!

Sorry. I was a little bit emotional over having to put something together for myself that I could have just taken out of a plastic box.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Okay, I know you won't listen, but do to the deli and ASK! They probably have them and have just failed to put them out. Better yet, should you see a member of management, they will have a name tag, but won't be wearing that ugly vest .... ask them! Management will quickly realize that the deli staff is not keeping up with there stocking. I would say that they aren't ordering enough, but the ordering is based on now many sandwiches are sold. They could have a theft problem in that store ......
Just take all this with a grain of salt, I am drugged!

Hillbilly Mom said...

WHAT? You want me to interact with people I don't know? And in doing so, tip them off that I am the one who gets them in trouble for not keeping those pinwheel sandwich wrap thingies on the shelf? Sweet Gummi Mary! That could be the death of me, due to food-tampered illness!

I DID ask them about their FRIED CHICKEN one day. And the girl behind the deli counter said she would get it. That was 10 minutes AFTER a guy behind the deli counter told me that they were just getting ready to put it out. It was after 11:00, by cracky! Most days, they have that fried chicken pack on the hot shelf by 10:00.