Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Narrow Miss

As much as I complain about Farmer H, I don't want to think about life without him!

Yesterday, Farmer H told a tale that may or may not have been designed to get sympathy. Probably not. He's not that calculating unless food or money is involved.

"I was on the Gator, heading up to Buddy's house, and that lawyer's wife lady came around the curve in the middle of the road. I bet she was going 50 miles an hour! I got off on the grass as far as I could, because of the fence. She hit the brakes and swerved. Sprayed gravel all over. Barely missed me! If she'd hit a hard patch, she would have flipped that SUV."

"Yeah. She's a maniac. She needs to slow down. Everybody says that, but nobody will tell her."

Let the record show that I don't get out that much and talk to our other residents...but TWO of them have complained to me about this lady. She's also the one who was quite vocal in complaining about Farmer H and Buddy working on the gravel roads. Even though she has not donated one red cent for the gravel, or her time driving a tractor to spread it. She could at least keep her opinions of their work to herself. Without them, and the monetary donations of several others, we'd be mired in mud every spring and half the winter. Maybe the roads wouldn't have so many ruts if she'd lift her lead foot and stop spraying gravel!

Maybe Farmer H should have kept that motorcycle helmet he found in one of those storage units, so he could wear it while driving his gator. I hope he at least raised his Poparm and shook his fist at that lawyer's wife.


fishducky said...

Inconsiderate drivers; you can't drive near them & you can't kill them (legally)!!

River said...

Report her. There must be someone you can report her to. Take down her number, write an anonymous report, stating there are witnesses who will speak up if contacted, although now that I think about it the anonymous part might negate the witnesses part. But go ahead and report her, just because I think she needs it.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Much like my 2nd best ol' teaching buddy Karen said about her elementary students: "Can't live with 'em, can't eat without 'em."

Unfortunately, the only thing we could report her to would be a posse of vigilantes! We're outside the city limits, so city police would do nothing, and the county law enforcement doesn't come up in here because we are a private association that maintains our own roads. The only thing they come for is threats, like that Stick Man threatening back-creek neighbor Bev.