Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sweet, Sweet Justice Prevails In Hillmomba

Yesterday, as I pulled out of The Gas Station Chicken Store's parking lot with my 44 oz Diet Coke, I saw justice in action.

The Gas Station Chicken Store is on the corner, by a stoplight. I saw a black, unmarked police car that was headed across the intersection, coming my way, make a U-turn. He put on his blue flashing lights, and pulled over a small silver sedan that must have gone through the red light. Couldn't wait his turn to get to Domino's or Country Mart, I guess. Even though I enjoy a tasty pizza, and scratchers out of Country Mart's machines...I still abide by the traffic signal.

This is a large intersection. Maybe seven car lengths distance to get from one side of the intersection to the other. It's not like you can dart across and not interfere with cross traffic, due to the delay before their light goes green. No siree, Bob! If you continue through a yellow or a red here, the other cars are chomping at the bit to rush through their now-green light. It's a pain when cars don't obey the lights, because it throws everyone off. A line of traffic has to sit and wait for you to get your sorry bumper across their path, even though the light is green.

The car pulled over right away. The police officer looked fine in his black tailored tight-fitting uniform. Can't have a ne'er-do-well grabbing a swatch of fabric in a scuffle, you know. He walked toward the driver's door to lay the smack down. Unfortunately, my light went green, and I had to go.

I don't care if that driver got a ticket. Times are hard, and people need their hard-earned or government-scammed cash. Even a stern warning, with the police officer shaking his finger, saying, "Shame, shame on you for running through the light," would satisfy me.

People need to be kept in check. What's the use of a stoplight if nobody stops? Before you know it, Hillmomba could be like the Arc de Triomphe!


River said...

I've heard about the Arc De Triomphe from my brother who was there. He said if he ever goes to Paris again, he will be NOWHERE near that nightmare. Cars all whizzing around and tourists not knowing where or how to get off while the Parisians laugh scornfully at them and don't help at all.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm not a world traveler, but for some reason, that description of Parisians seems totally believable!