Friday, April 6, 2018

STOP, Possible Thief

Wednesday, as T-Hoe chugged down the gravel road alongside the creek, nearing the blacktop county road junction for our trip to The Gas Station Chicken Store for not-chicken...I saw a red pickup truck at the mailbox row.

Let the record show that our mail carrier does NOT drive a mail jeep. It's usually a woman, in some kind of small SUV. White, I think. The car is not marked or modified for mail delivery. No steering wheel on the opposite side. No lights on top. No markings on the car. There IS, however, a magnetic bumper-stickery rectangle, white with black letters, U.S. MAIL, that she slaps onto the rear of her car. Haphazardly.

This red truck did not at first command my attention. It could have been one of the residents of our compound, picking up his mail. I say that, because the truck was on the wrong side of the road. Like, facing into oncoming traffic. No big deal. Farmer H does that when he's picking up our mail. Pulls up alongside Mailbox Row so he can remain seated in his vehicle, and reach out the window to get the mail out of EmBee.

I didn't recognize the truck, but in the past, there's been a red pickup that goes up our gravel road. I was looking at the side of it before pulling out onto the county road. Couldn't see the back. Couldn't see the license plate. Not that it would have mattered. Because taking a picture of it didn't cross my mind. UNTIL...

I pulled out onto the road, and saw that red pickup truck pull forward. The guy was opening ANOTHER mailbox about 5 boxes away from the first one I'd seen him in. What was going on here? I couldn't have seen if there was a U.S. MAIL bumper-stickery rectangle on the back, because of the angle. I just ASSUMED it was a resident picking up mail. But a resident shouldn't be opening up more than his own mailbox!

Now I'm wondering if I'm going to be missing some mail this month! When I came back from town, there was only one item in EmBee. What if this guy had taken some of my mail? The next day, I had more mail, but only one statement from our credit union. There should have been two. Because The Pony has an account there. So now I have to wonder if they were going to arrive on separate days, even though they were mailed at the same time and place...or if one is never going to arrive.

It's not like I'm expecting any money in the mail. But our bills and account statements have our account numbers on them. And Hillmomba is full of ne'er-do-wells!

I'm pretty sure that red pickup driver was not a substitute mailman. I'm still hoping he was just a resident, picking up his mail. He didn't look at me in a panic, like he was doing something shifty. Then again...maybe he's a hardened criminal with no conscience...

I guess I should just start taking a picture when I see suspicious activity. I have been brainwashed well by the government agenda of SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.


River said...

Yes please, ALWAYS take a picture, just in case. And when you see him going to a second mailbox, step in and say excuse me, that's MY mailbox, my mail and have him hand it over. Or at least go to the Post Office and report suspicious activity.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It would be easier if we had mailmen who wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles. None of the random substitutes. Even the people with town routes, and the white mail jeeps with the red and blue logos, have complained about the lax dress of their carriers. Used to be, they had a uniform, gray pants or shorts with a blue stripe on the side, and light blue shirts with a logo on the chest.

I don't know if I'm brave enough to step in and commandeer my own mail! That's a job for blog buddy Kathy! You never know what crazy people might do out here. I'm more likely to take a video of his activity with my phone. YES! I know how! I've done it by mistake a couple times when taking a picture.

River said...

Video is even better than a picture. Mail carriers around here, in a city of course, ride yellow motorbikes or yellow bicycles and wear yellow safety vests or raincoats so they're easy to spot. Even the bags of mail are bright yellow.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think our mailmen should get the yellow treatment, too! Or any color, as long as it sets them off from regular common-day thieves.