Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Storage Unit Fairy

Last week, I woke up and went to the kitchen for my medicine. There on the counter was a GIFT for me! Or so I assumed. It was something that wasn't there the night before, and it was in my food-prep area that I harp about keeping clutter-free. Also, it was not something that I could imagine Farmer H using for himself.

It was a case, by cracky! A hard-cover case. With polka dots! Not at all unappealing.
I quite liked it.

There was a little latch on the front that allowed entrance to the case. It was just like the ones I bought at Christmas, in assorted solid colors like red/blue/purple/green. For the guys to put their casino players' cards in during Casinopalooza 2.

Plenty of room for lots of cards! I think I have 11 of them. I almost had one of these cases for myself, but Farmer H saw me wrapping them, and said that HE'd like to have one, so there went the one I had ordered for myself. You know us gals...always doing without so their guys can have nice things.

Anyhoo...Farmer H said he found this one in his storage unit stuff, and he WASHED IT and brought it over to the house for me. You realize, right, that Farmer H is giving up a possible 50 cents in sales for me, don't you? And also that I'm going to wash this case again!

It's the thought that counts. And I also have this sweet card case!


Now, a follow-up. Here's what those Easter Sweet Tarts looked like. I don't have any of the actual candy to show you's already been EATEN! But here's the box, to give you an idea.


Sioux Roslawski said...

No artificial flavors in Sweet Tarts?

That's surprising.

River said...

The Sweet Tarts look really cute :)
I love the little case from Farmer H, I keep forgetting if he is Hick here or on the other blog (*~*), I wouldn't mind having such a case myself, although I really don't need one, I just like to have pretty things.

fishducky said...

The bunny on the Sweet Tarts doesn't look very bunnyish at all--love your polka dot case!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Are you insinuating, Madam, that I am not a health-food addict?

He's only Hick here by mistake. You can't go wrong with a polka-dot case!

Good thing the ducky met your expectations!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

How very thoughtful of Hick! Maybe he is getting soft in his retirement years!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It WAS very thoughtful. He could probably have made fifty cents off that in his Storage Unit Store!