Sunday, April 1, 2018

It's All Over But The Whinin'

I served up our Easter feast at 1:25 this afternoon. Farmer H didn't open his Storage Unit Store, although he DID take some new merchandise up there, and DID travel to some entirely different storage units with HOS, to see about moving some items to a different locker.

Let the record show that I underestimated the work that our Lesser Easter Dinner entailed. It took 3.5 hours to prepare. At least Farmer H dilly-dallied over it so that it was not consumed in 10 minutes, but took 15 instead.

You may recall that I told Farmer H that the kitchen table would need to be cleared for our feast. And that HE, the one I hinted at for clearing duty, most items being his 6-packs of Diet Mountain Dew, 4-packs of flavored water, and assorted treasures from assorted auctions, declared that a table feast was not necessary. That we could eat it wherever. Because he knows that I like taking my meals down to my dark basement lair. Uh huh. Totally selfless, that guy. Not-clearing the table out of regard for my preferences.

Anyhoo...because of that plan by Farmer H, I'd told him that I would be cleaning up the kitchen before I got my plate and descended to Lairville. No way did I want food left out, and dirty dishes congealing, while I tried to enjoy my feast.

I called Farmer H to fill his plate. He elected to use the paper china, rather than my white plates with red/blue/yellow swirl that he calls red plates. I was not pleased to see that he put the 7-Layer Salad on his plate. Seriously! I put a lot of work into that salad, and I feel that it deserves its own bowl. AND Farmer H used his forearm to shove things aside, and sat down at the kitchen table to eat, while I was standing at the sink washing dishes! Which made me look like the bad guy, when in fact I was just going along with the original plan set in motion by HIM!

When I looked later at the serving bowl of 7-Layer Salad, as I scooped out my portion, I knew how Farmer H could have put his salad on a plate with everything else. He'd taken only the top 3 layers, and a bit of the 4th! He had BACON, CHEESE, MAYO, and some PEAS. Yeah. It's pretty easy to get that on a flat plate, I guess. I had mostly LETTUCE, GREEN ONIONS, BOILED EGGS, PEAS, some shreds of CHEESE, and two particles of BACON. Pic, because it happened...

Yes, I know that's a perfectly good meal, quite filling. I had just expected more of the good stuff in my 7-Layer Salad.


River said...

Heh heh. Skip the 7-layer salad next time and make a 7-mix salad. Same ingredients, but mixed, so whoever serves (Farmer H)imself first, gets some of everything but also leaves you some of everything.
Aaaaand, how rude of him to sit at the table and eat after saying he could eat wherever so it didn't need clearing off. I suppose his wherever is the kitchen table sometimes.
What is that yellow/brown square thing on your plate beside the ham? Toast? Cheese?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah. He tried to say he got some lettuce, but like an archaeologist of layered food, I could tell that the lettuce level was undisturbed.

That square is a Sister Schubert's yeast roll. It was frozen, and warmed in the oven with butter rubbed on top.