Wednesday, September 19, 2018

This Does Not Bode Well For The Delivery Of My DISH Bill

Sunday, I made a trip over to the main post office to mail my DISH bill. The payment has a habit of taking 10 days to show up on my account, so I have to mail it the day after I receive it. They really go to exaggerated lengths to perusade people to switch over to paperless billing!

Anyhoo...I know the mail doesn't go out on Sundays, but I didn't want to rush around Monday to get it there by 11:30. I'm a late sleeper, you know. I knew if it was in the post office Sunday, it would be sure to go out Monday.

Well! Imagine my chagrin when I was perusing the online local paper Monday night, and saw an article about an officer being seriously injured while directing traffic. First of all, nobody directs traffic around here. Not even when the stoplights are on the fritz. So I had to read it to see what happened.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Coppy Copperson [not his real name] said a mail truck had lost part of its load at the intersection of Denial Drive and Agonize Avenue. [Not real thoroughfares.] The officer was going to direct traffic around the debris in the roadway while workers were trying to get it loaded back up.

You know what the means, right? MY DISH BILL MIGHT HAVE BEEN LAYING IN THE ROAD AT 5:00 a.m. MONDAY!

Anyhoo...the officer got hit by a car. He has two broken vertebrae, and a lot of pain, but will recover without paralysis. Not that I don't care about this officer. He's a human being, doing a thankless job, with a lot of convalescing to do. I wish him well. In fact, I'd like to THANK HIM for doing this thankless job, protecting what might have been my DISH BILL from being run over, even if it meant that he, himself, was run over.

Oh, well. Nothing I can do about any of it. No use crying over spilled mail, you know.


fishducky said...

Or State Highway Patrol Troopers!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Oh, yeah. Now that you mention it...they're kind of important, too.

River said...

You might end up crying over spilled mail if your dish bill didn't get picked up with the rest. Maybe it got stuck under a bush or under someone's tyres. You're going to have to play a few days worth of "wait and see". Can you phone the company and find out if it was delivered?
Hope the trooper is okay and not suffering too much pain.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

That is almost as exciting as the burning truck with exploding airbags! If the check gets there late you have a very good excuse with documentation. Judge Judy likes documentation.

Hillbilly Mom said...

NO! It didn't get stuck. NO NO NO! I'm not thinking about that!

I can check every day online to see if it has been credited. If not showing up by the 25th, I'll pay it by credit card. I've done that before, and when the actual check arrives, they credit it, too, and then I don't even get a bill the next month.

I think you've got me on the MOST exciting local newsworthy occurrence! I learned that it's all about the documentation in my early years of teaching. And I know that Judge Judy doesn't like anyone to pee on her leg.