Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost Time For A Snoopy Happy Dance

Only four days until the end of 3rd Quarter!

Do you know what that means? Next week, I will be turning the page in my old red gradebook that I use for day-to-day record-keeping. It's so much easier than logging in and finding missing assignments on the computer. I go to the office and ask for an old red gradebook every August. I figure they have enough to last me until I retire. Hardly anybody uses them anymore. They'll be sorry when the sky falls. All those grades lost in a computer crash. But not me, with my trusty red gradebook.

Once we're on the last page, it's smooth sailing until summer vacation. Sure, there's that pesky EOC testing that might or might not determine whether I have a job. Not really. Because until further bureaucratic meddling in the education system, I have tenure. But I sure don't want to be the subject whose stats fall from one year to the next, made an example of at the back-to-school district-wide faculty meeting. So I'll still be putting in maximum effort to make my students want to retain knowledge and regurgitate it on a computer over 31 arbitrary questions. You know. Because the group I have this year is identical to the group I had last year that did well.

Yes, that last page means that I have only ten Monday parking lot duties left. Nine, really, because we are off one Monday for our Spring Break. Two weeks of lunch duty left. Requisitions are due, awards are due, conferences are coming up, but still.

We're almost on the last page!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Tenure is all over the news of late. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh will give us his opinion? I am sure it would put a different spin on things.
In the meantime, enjoy the nearness of summer.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see some new requirements coming down the pike. I've learned to adapt. I'm a good hoop-jumper.

Summers get me through. I'm very lucky to have this job and so much time off.