Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Might Be Raising A Celebrity

Juno is the new Lassie. Without the fortune and Rudd Weatherwax.

This afternoon, The Pony and I rolled up the driveway to the sight of Juno romping to the end of the garage. She still was not putting weight on her bad leg, but she was full of energy. She ran around to the porch to wait and peek at me as I left the garage. We had our full-on lovefest. At one point, I thought she was going to jump down to get to me before I got through the door.

As I went up the steps, she playfully nibbled on my fingers on the handrail. She trotted on three legs around the corner to the kitchen door to wait for me. She seemed to be in fine spirits. As I went in, she hustled around the kitchen nook to get to the water dish over by the laundry room door.

Upon entering the Mansion proper, I was accosted by the #1 son. Okay, it was not until I called, "Pizza is here!" that he deigned show his face. But still, as he was filling his plate, he inquired about Juno. The former "boy" pup he just HAD to bring home from Grandma's house. The forgotten pet he has shunted aside for six months now.

"Did Juno come up on the porch for you and Pony?"


"Well, I couldn't get her up on the porch. She would hardly move. I took her a bowl of water, and she lapped it up. I'm kind of worried about her."

"She ran around the garage to see us, then hopped up on the porch. Still on three legs, but she seemed to feel better."

"Oh. Because she looked pitiful when I got home."

That little rascal! Playing the Lame Card to get attention from #1. I need to scan Variety in search of open calls for nondescript, silky black mutts.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Juno might get to be such a famous "actress" that she needs a stand in--someone to stand in for Juno while they're working on the lighting, etc. Perhaps there might be a "little person" who could fill in for Juno...unless, of course, they start heightening.

knancy said...

Our lovable family dogs are so human! One of our family dogs cut his front paw pad on a piece of glass and, of course, we cleaned, anti-biotic creamed it, bandaged it, and then oohed and ahhed , cuddled and blubbered over the poor baby for days as he limped around with that injured paw held high. Several days later, after the bandage wrap was off, I was sitting on the porch when here he comes up the sidewalk just strutting his stuff, smelling every blade of grass and every teensy bit of sidewalk debris -walking perfectly normal! I said, “Hey, Dobie!” (Named after the Dobie Gillis Show.) He looked up, saw me, had a brain wheel go in high gear and immediately raised that paw to new heights with a limp that would out do Chester (or Festus) on “Gun Smoke”! I readily admonished him with laughter at his ploy and he gave me that “puppy dog” look and set that paw right down - knowing his ruse had been unveiled. I still laugh to this day as I recall the look on his face when I caught him in the act! Gotta love ‘em. Just know you will always have your own home movie of her in your mind without an agent and long after they are gone.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

She is a crafty one, your Juno. My Toni louise is currently punishing me for the scolding she got for dashing out the door and chasing a car down the road. I chased and tried to entice that dog with treats for nearly two hours before I finally lured her into the pool area and locked her in the fence. That was three days ago and she still refuses to come to me, will only respond to he who left me to chase her. I still they are related. The dogs and our mates.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Or she could act out various ailments for young doctors to practice diagnosing. I sure hope they don't give her gonorrhea!

What a ham! Dobie coulda been a big TV star! Maybe Rudd Weatherwax didn't have to do any work at all to put Lassie through her paces.

I guess you have been put in your place. Farmer H would faint dead away in shock if I greeted him every evening in the manner I greet Juno.