Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Curiosity Skilled These Cats

I really think my students are wasting their time sitting in class seven hours per day. They are ready to enter the workforce already. No training needed. They've got mad skillz that should be utilized forthwith.

Nobody hires scientists or doctors or lawyers or Indian chiefs anymore. Today's youth needs to stop spinning their wheels with this education pipe dream and hit the streets. They are job-ready. The leading career path at this time seems to be:

Private Investigator

Did somebody just get here?
Who's that? I've never seen that person before.
There's two of them.
That one is looking for something.
Checking her notes.
Why is that car door open? Isn't that unusual?
Is there a person inside that car?
Who drives that little convertible?
Strange people have been in and out of the building all day.
Mostly women.

In only fifty short minutes, my class wrapped up the case. Never mind that one entire ceiling-to-waist window is covered in black butcher paper to retard the glare of sunlight on my projector screen. Through the one remaining window, located at the back of the classroom, directly behind Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's desk, an area off limits to anyone without ID to prove he is Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, they solved this mystery.

A better-handled stake-out you'll never see. Nothing inside the classroom distracted this bunch. Certainly not the lesson. Nobody needed a drink or the bathroom. No cell phones were out. No snoozing occurred. Just fifty minutes of pure, unadulterated nosiness which culminated in a conclusion to the investigation.

Interviews were being conducted for the one teaching position that needs to be filled at Newmentia next year.


knancy said...

Oh! The blogging possibilities with a new instructor! Can hardly wait for your posts on the newbie of Newmentia.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Yes, those teens ARE nosey. Or, would it be more accurate to say they are trying to be helpful? Perhaps they are worried about unauthorized people being on the school campus. Teens are like that, you know. They are firm believers in rules. Maybe they were worried about the open car door? Teenagers are like that, too. If they open a door, they are always sure to close it. If they see something suspicious going on, they feel compelled to report it. Give those youngsters their due credit, please!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, she'd better not try to take my parking spot like the old new teacher did. It's not even a good one. Way down at the end of the building by the fire plug. I don't even know if I'll try to reclaim it, now that I've moved two spaces even farther down.

Maybe they SHOULD stay in school. To gather skills they will need when they write The Complete Idiot's Guide to School Safety.