Wednesday, November 16, 2011

He Never Met A Snack That Wasn't His

Genius stopped by my classroom to kill some time this afternoon. First stop, the mini fridge to liberate a bottle of water that was meant for my lunch tomorrow. Second stop, my desk. Where he wormed his way between my chair and the window behind me to grab the last two bites of a cinnamon Pop Tart and finger it until his hand-sweat had practically started digesting my mid-afternoon carbohydrate pick-me-up. I shooed him away. And let my treat evaporate for a few minutes.

Genius roamed the hall. Bought a candy bar in the teacher workroom. Walked a few laps around my room, thumping The Pony because he could. Then he searched the file cabinet for a rumored bag of Sun Chips. He finally settled down when a friend walked in to chat.

Shh...don't tell Genius, but the other half of the Pop Tart is in my top desk drawer. And the Sun Chips are in the file above the snack drawer where he looked.

A gal's gotta keep some things secret.


labbie1 said...


Uh, he doesn't read your blog, right????

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The search will continue, you know. I say rotate those hiding spots .....

Hillbilly Mom said...

He reads it way after it's hot off the press. By that time the consumables will have been consumed.

Oh, The Pony and I have learned the hard way to rotate the hiding spots. I forgot to mention that he snatched The Pony's bag of mini Chips Ahoy right off the desk in front of him. What's ours is his, and what's his is only his.