Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jack Frost Is Not Yet Nipping Noses

Hey! Guess what! No, that's not it. Guess again. Nope. Looks like I'm going to have to tell you.


I know. Seems like only yesterday that retailers had the common sense to wait until after Thanksgiving to set up their Christmas displays. Not so in Hillmomba. The Devil accosts customers as they enter the door with a giant, decorated Christmas tree. It's just at the end of the bargain carts full of Halloween accouterments clogging the entryway. There is also a double aisle stocked with stocking-stuffer Christmas candy. And aisles near the front with gift ideas like tool boxes and drill bits and such. I didn't look close enough, but I'm sure there's an aisle of bath beads and decorative soaps as well.

Has the Devil lost his mind? I think not. He recently reinstated his layaway policy (surely you've seen the commercials with the idiots who can't read a big friggin' sign right over their heads proclaiming LAYAWAY). Because The Devil jacked up his prices by at least 50% over the last couple of years. and gas has not only shot up in price, but seems to be of a lower grade than what is proclaimed on the pumps, regular folks can't afford Christmas unless they pay in installments. That's a cryin' shame. Dang that dirty Devil! I don't know his layaway policies, nor do I care to read them. But I guarandarntee you that The Devil will not lose any money on items that are put back, paid on, and left unpurchased because some poor, hard-working, honest sap gets his electric bill just before making the layaway payoff and can't cough up the final payment.

Criminy! It's 70 degrees in Hillmomba today. November 6th. And The Devil is rushing the yuletide season.

At least he stopped short of pumping out Christmas carols. For now.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

The evidence of yuletide season has been up since before Halloween in my neck of the woods. I suspect that everyone on my list will receive giftcards or good wishes. Hey, I am a busy woman!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. They can't all expect a token of your craftiness.

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

Wal Mart got rid of layaway when they started offering their own credit card. I suppose nobody has any credit to get those cards these least no one who would've been dumb enough to want one.

labbie1 said...

Last year our Devil's playground didn't have any Christmas out until nearly Thanksgiving if not after. They were remodeling the store and had too much clearance to put up the Christmas stuff I guess.

This year it is all up and last weekend they were putting up a huge tree right in the middle of the entrance aisle.

I applaud layaway! I used it all the time when my son was small. Worked so great! At that time there was no charge to do it but if you didn't pay, they didn't refund either.

As I was growing up there were several local stores that did layaway. I swear I would not have had school clothes but for layaway!

It's a good thing--at least better than a purse full of credit cards at 30-40% interest!

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Devil is bending over backwards for a change. Instead of bending customers over forwards.

I worked in an insurance salvage store in college. Even WE had layaway.