Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Sonic

I am boycotting the local Sonic.

The out-of-the-way Sonic I will still patronize. But not the one on my way home. I'm putting my food down. Down on the accelerator, as I speed past and glare out the window of T-Hoe.

I am not averse to tipping. The rumor that I choose the drive-thru to avoid tipping is totally unfounded. The drive-thru is quicker. And easier than parking my wide mirrors between the menus in a speaker slot. I used to tip a drive-thru gal regularly, because she made the best Diet Coke with Lime, just the right amount of ice, extra lime wedges, and she always brought it out so I didn't have to wait on a carload of corn-doggers. But there's a new dude at the window.

New Dude is some kind of freaky throwback. He wears SKATES! Sweet Gummi Mary! How long has it been since Sonic carhops wore SKATES? Granted, his are in-line skates. But still skates. New Dude is overly familiar on the speaker. No matter what you order, he pushes another item. Enough is enough. I can understand if you're just ordering a soda. But when you order a grilled cheese, a Sprite, large tots, a Route 44, and a Junior Deluxe, I think it's a bit greedy to try and tack on other items. Maybe that's the policy. But it rankles me.

Aside from being excessively gung-ho, New Dude seemed fairly harmless. Until yesterday. I was alone, The Pony having wangled a night at the home of his grandma. I stopped for a soda and a junior bacon/cheddar melt. The tally was $4.21. I had three ones and a buttload of quarters. But I opted for the five dollar bill, two dimes, and a penny. Because you can never have too many ones.

I drove to the window. New Dude was practically skating in circles. He didn't seem at all nonplussed that I had rebuffed his offer of a strawberry shake. He said, "That'll be four twenty-one, Miss." He took my money. He shoved my soda, straw, and paper sack out the portal. "Thank you, you come back." And he slammed the window. Then rolled off to the grill area.

That no-good slimy sidewinder! He kept my dollar! I was sputtering like Porky Pig. I think I stopped short of shaking my fist at him. If darkness had not already fallen, and my blood pressure not been rising like the red column of alcohol in a thermometer placed in boiling water, I would have driven back around to a bay and called him out. But who's gonna believe me once I leave the window? I was in no mood to sit there and be pointedly ignored.

Genius says it was my own fault for tacking on the twenty-one cents. That New Dude assumed I was giving him that dollar. No other worker has ever done that. And when I give a tip, I say, "Here's five twenty-one. Keep the change." I think that little scammer knew exactly what he was doing. I wonder how much he rakes in during one shift by employing these tactics.

I will be pointedly avoiding this franchise for a while. I am not his cash cow, the aphid to his ant, a sugar-momma to put him through roller derby school.

I am OH SO GLAD that I did not hand him a twenty.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Wow, you do tip well for fast food at the drive-thru, don't you?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Apparently, nigh on 20% for the above-and-beyond service of sliding the window open and handing me my order.

Chickadee said...

Wow. I bet that leech won't be there long. What a jerk.

Chivimi said...

As a former waitress,bartender, register wrangler, etc., at various lower, middle, and upper class establishments, I can promise you his behavior was an insult to servers everywhere. The way I was trained was to take the money, count it,and give the proper change back. One was taught to hope that your service had been high enough that the patron felt you EARNED your tip. His presumption that he had a right to the money was unfounded. I would call the store and complain to the management, and explain to them that that is why he has lost YOUR business and may be the reason he will continue to notice a decline in the clientele.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think his antics are going to catch up to him quick.

They have a lot of turnover. I think the matter will resolve itself.

labbie1 said...

Ditto what Chivimi said about calling the management regarding his antics. They may even give you some free food!

I had a similar thing happen and I sat at the window and honked only to be ignored. I then knocked on the window until the little perpetrator came back.

Hillbilly Mom said...

See? I had a feeling that's how he would react. But I don't want him working there if I'm going to get free food. Retaliation, you know.

Jennifer said...


If you can't earn a tip honestly don't steal them.

You would love my story of Wendy's in Oregon in October. I was paid to eat there, not my choice but the cashier girl and manager on duty neither one knew how to count apparently.

I tried giving the over payment (of change) back but they insisted I was wrong they were right and that was that.

I gave up. Tried going back the next day with my receipt, change and all but nope.. they insisted she was right I was wrong.

Oh well.. thank you Wendy's for paying me to eat your cheeseburgers.

But tip boy.. at Sonic needs a stick stuck in his inlines

Hillbilly Mom said...

You are much more altruistic than I am. The checker at The Devil's Playground did not scan a DVD and computer game after de-shoplifing them on her other scanner dealybobber. I found out after I got home and looked at the receipt for the price to charge The Pony for his game.

I did not think they would understand me taking the merchandise back in and asking to pay for it. I was afraid they would think I stole it, and had an attack of guilt.