Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sensationalizing Woodland (And Swampland) Creatures

Hmpf! I just discovered a show on the History Channel called Swamp People. How could I have missed that? It's in its third season, apparently. But since I'm late to the ball, we'll take this time to discuss it. Tonight's episode was Swampsgiving.

I have no issue with those dudes who look like Bigfoot. But with worse teeth. They can wear their crazy long meth beards and hunt squirrel for Thanksgiving all they want. Live an let live, I say. And those blond Native Americans can go after wild boar with bows and arrows any time. More power to them. I can't even get my panties in a wad over the no-shirt overalls dude who threw two giant blue catfish back in on his jug trot-lines in order to catch a gar. To each his own. And the Cajun-talkin' camo pop and son after the wild turkeys seem fairly normal. No. I fault them not. My problem is with production.

The History Channel. The Travel Channel. Probably TLC is next. Why do they insist on sensationalizing common game animals? I swear, Andrew Zimmern did a show where he ate squirrel and deer. Seriously. The name of his show is Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. And the swampers were hunting squirrel, but didn't see any, so they shot two rabbits. Give me a freakin' break already! Those are not exotic animals.

C'mon. Haven't you people ever eaten squirrel? Or rabbit? What are you, city folk shaking in your shoes every time a squirrel darts up a tree trunk? It's not like Anthony Bourdain digging up geoduck (pronounced gooey duck), and feasting on it on the beach.

THAT is sensational. Not squirrel. Not rabbit. Not turkey. Not gar. Wild boar, perhaps.


Chickadee said...

Why hasn't a documentary series been made on the process of beef patties, from hoof to market? Or how our chicken wings and drumsticks are made? Now THAT I would watch.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, because then people would stop eating beef patties and chicken wings/drumsticks.

labbie1 said...

What's next? Following people who choose to live in RV's????? :0D

PS--yeah--I have eaten all of those (though I was told that there is a squirrel season in MO???) and more--well, not the geoduck! It just doesn't appeal at all! Call me crazy!

knancy said...

OMG! John Bobbit revisited. Now that is some wild life!

I'll never eat a razor clam again (if I remember this post)!

Hillbilly Mom said...

You'd better hope not! Or hope SO!

The folks I know seem to shoot at squirrels whenever they get the urge. I had a student in the former geographic center of the U.S. who killed one with a rock on the way home down the railroad tracks. Another kid ran up and grabbed it, saying, "Do you want it?" The killer didn't. The squirrel grabber was ecstatic. "Meat for supper!"

I was embarrassed to watch that episode with The Pony in the room.