Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Teacher's Pet

Is there any sweeter sound than that of a puppy rasslin' a toy on the porch? Okay. So maybe there are sweeter sounds. But this has got to be in the top 100.

Our pup, Juno, was rescued from starvation at the tender age of three weeks (the best we can tell, because she didn't appear to be weaned) after somebody dumped her on my mom's rural road. Now she is thriving. She's looking more chocolate-labby every day. Her silky coat is thickening up for winter. She lives like a queen. Her wooden box of a house on the back porch is surrounded by a white rubber newspaper toy, a hard green rubber barbell, a plastic plucked chicken, and various scraps of bone that she has skimmed from the stash of the big dogs. They had a complete set of deer lungs with heart attached earlier today. So I don't think they're missing any shank shards.

It takes so little to make a puppy happy. Since the first day I saw Juno, I've picked her up and held her on my chest. She's getting a little big for that now. Like the adult son in that kids' book "I Will Love You Forever," when the old lady holds him in her lap in the rocking chair.

Juno can be cavorting to beat the band, but the minute I pick her up, she goes still. Oh, she wants to wriggle. But she holds it in. She shivers. She's like a big dog with a Milk Bone on the end of his snout, awaiting the command to toss it in the air and snarf it down. Juno puts her chin on my shoulder. She grunts like a little pig. She's in ecstasy. Her filled food bowl awaits. And The Pony holds her barbell or chicken at the ready for a game of fetch. But Juno soaks up the love and soft words like puppy crack.

I think she's grateful.


knancy said...

It's wonderful to be loved, isn't it?

Chickadee said...

PUPPY!!!! I love puppies and their wiggly bodies, wagging tails, floppy ears and stinky breath. When did you get this puppy? And she sounds adorable.

Chivimi said...

Almost every pet we have had in the past twenty odd years has been "rescued" from the side of the road near out house. It was well known before we moved that if you wanted to get rid of an animal, throw it near our yard, we would take it in. Every one of those animals were the most loving, loyal, thankful animals I have ever met. These last two we "found" have brought us more joy than any I can remember, and all we had to do was bring them in from the rain, take the barbwire off their throats, dry them off and feed them. Every time I watch them play, run around in the yard, come in and look at me with heart filled eyes, I smile, laugh, and love them right back. It is like they know what they found and are determined to not make us regret out decision to make them part of out family. I think about the way we found them and want to return the favour to their previous owners, then I want to thank them for being soulless idiots who did not know what wonderful loving things they were throwing out like trash.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Nothing so satisfying as the love from a dog. They never judge and ask for so little. I read somewhere that stroking the fur of a pet can lower one's blood pressure. I don't know about that, but it sure does make my heart swell with love!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside, like my cold, cold heart is melting just a tad.

We took her in September 23. She was in sad shape. Now she's healthy as a horse. And looks like she's going to be as big as one. Funny how tiny a starving pup appears. I told the story on my other blog ('s a double-secret). I will email you the link if that's the correct email on your blog profile.

We have taken in three cats from the mailbox row unwanted-animal dropping-off point. We kept two german shepherd mix pups that appeared behind our garage, and adopted on purpose the runt of a litter of beagle/lab pups at the local animal shelter. The dogs have been loyal companions. The cats? They like to eat. In exchange, they leave us lungs and livers on the porch, and occasionally show us how the proper way to eat a mouse or baby rabbit is butt first.

Sometimes, I need to drape myself in dogs at the end of the work day.

labbie1 said...

You got a deer! Are they abundant this year or what????

My lab that had a therapy dog international would do the treat on the nose thing. People LOVED watching him do that! He was great!

The pugs don't have enough nose for that but they are filled with love and affection as is Tank the 160 lb neuf mix. :) Great dogs all!

My verification word is rheer. Never saw it spelled that way before...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Actually, I think my neighbor got a deer. Farmer H has a feeder, but he hasn't hunted in years.