Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Not So Sure About This

A couple of students were late to my class today. I did not officially mark them tardy. Their cronies said they were finishing up a test. That was plausible enough. They had been discussing this literature test the day before. They mean well. They give the impression of trying to study. But if my class is any indication of their habits, they do daily work just to get it done, while concentrating more on their social lives and reality shows on MTV.

The missing straggled in and went about the business of working on a study guide for my upcoming test. Well, they worked on it between comparing experiences on the literature test they just took. It seems that one poor fellow had answered a bunch of questions that baffled the others. Only to reveal that his answers were about a story that was not even on the test.

A bone of contention was The Raven. They were absolutely clueless on the question, "What did the bird in The Raven say? The first problem was that one of them did not realize the bird WAS the raven. I believe that's the one who answered, "I have no idea and I don't really care."

Another student thought it through. Came up with a logical answer. "The bird said, 'What?' "

But it was the last one who came so close, yet remained so far from the correct answer of, "Nevermore."

"The bird said, 'That is all.' "

I am really trying to be optimistic about my test on atoms, molecules, and ions.


Sioux said...

When I was a kid, I wanted to snag a crow, tame it, and teach it to say "Nevermore."

What a idyllic childhood I had...

Hillbilly Mom said...

I suppose that's more ambitious than snagging a spider and teaching it to write, "Some pig."

But not so ambitious as naming a dog Mr. Peabody, outfitting him with a bow tie and glasses, and willing him to build a WABAC machine, all while re-naming yourself Sherman.