Friday, January 4, 2013

'Tis No Reaon For THIS Season

On the way home this afternoon, a mere two miles away from the safety of the Mansion driveway, The Pony waxed reflective.

"Mom, if you went to get new license plates, and they ended in six-six-six...would you keep them?"

"NO! No way, no how! I refuse to drive the mark of the beast, sir!"

"You wouldn't? Mr. S said one of his things ends in three sixes. Not his license plate, but something like it."

"Uh huh. And I don't exactly call his life one of lucky breaks. I am not a very religious person, as you well know. But that is tempting fate. You don't know what kinds of energy that might attract. No way would I drive around with six-six-six on my license plate. Would you?"

"Probably. But you forget that I can't drive. So we don't really know, now do we?"

"Good point. You still have time to think it over."

Sweet Gummi Mary! What is up today? Third hour, my class asked me what I was afraid of. We were talking about phobias, and that Channel 2 retrospective show I watched over Christmas break, where Tim Ezell pranked April Simpson, well-known snake hater, with a rubber snake at the hands of John Pertzborn. They asked if I would use an Ouija Board. NO! And if I would burn an Ouija board. NO! Would I watch Paranormal Activity? NO! The Exorcist? NO!

They are starting a little early on their Halloween state-of-mind.


Sioux said...

No Ouija board? I'm surprised. I used mine just last night, and it said this:

Val's going to have a book signing in the future, and a group of crazy hecklers from St. Lou are going make the great trek across the countryside to rampage through the book-readin' town in support of her.

I just know that soon, you'll have a CS or NYMB story published OR a book filled with your own musings.

I am sure of it...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Never tempt fate! My mother had a plethora of omens she lived by. One of hers always baffled me, but, I admit that I feel a shiver of fear every time I hear an owl hoot during daylight hours ..... According to Mother, it was an omen of death (of someone you know) before sunrise the next day.
I am always on alert until sunrise the next day, just waiting for that death announcement ..... and rejoicing when I don't get one.

Oh, the things we carry from childhood!

Hillbilly Mom said...

You should mind your Ps and Qs on that Ouija Board, madam. What kind of gobbledygook is that? Somebody named VAL is going to deface books by writing her name in them? And she's going to be stalked by city folk? Right here in a peaceful enclave like Hillmomba? And what about those code letters? The devil is in the details.

I really need to keep track of when my nose itches, and interrogate my acquaintances the next day to ascertain whether any of them were conversing about me.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

No, it is ears burning that indicates someone gossiping about you, the itchy nose means you are going to have company ......

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, that would certainly explain all those drop-in guests while I was on the phone trying to find out who was talking about me.