Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sun Came Out Tomorrow

I don't mean to tempt fate. To poke Even Steven with a pointy stick. But I feel good.

That sinus thingy has packed its mucusy bags and headed on down the trail. The headache is gone. The toothache is gone. The neck pain is gone. Gone, gone gone! A couple days after the antibiotics that I waited four hours for, I started to improve. That lasted for about ten days. Then it was like I had a short relapse. Headache. Snot. Neck pain. A tiny threat from the tooth, but no actual pain.

Now I'm ready to do cartwheels. Which is funny, because I've never done a cartwheel before. Not even as a kid. Mine always turned into some kind of floppy round-off. I've never liked gymnastic stuff. I dreaded the tumbling unit in elementary. "Oh, why don't you go ahead of me? I don't mind. Really." I hung back at the end of the mat while everybody else took multiple turns with the forward and backward roll. Then that mean old PE teacher would catch on, and make me step up there in front of everyone.

I DID NOT want to do a forward roll. But there he was. Insisting. Putting me in the proper position. Telling me to tuck my chin and roll. He even pushed my head down and kind of shoved me over. I was not liking that one bit. Especially after he said, "See how easy that was?" Then he told me to go home and practice. I actually tried. Spread out a cushy quilt and afghan. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not make myself tumble. I did not do well on the performance test. But you know what? I still graduated.

It must be an inversion thing. I don't like amusement park rides or carnival rides that spin around upside down. I hated my diving class in college. In fact, I could not make myself go off the 1-meter board. Forget the 3-meter. It was all I could do to make myself dive head-first from the side of the pool. Even after my teacher ridiculed me for going in flat, not pointy. "Go ahead and smack your face every time. See if I care." Yeah. I've had some real peaches for instructors. He did, however, make a deal with another student and me, to let us take his beginning swimming class AGAIN to earn our diving credit. Of course, it took that other girl almost dying from slipping off the platform at the outdoor pool and swinging in, landing withing six inches of the concrete deck, to make him cough up that offer. I suppose he realized that you can't make some people work through their fear by intimidating them.

Where was I? Oh. I feel good.


Sioux said...

I knew that you would.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You can't really appreciate how good you feel until you have had a chronic ailment! I had a headache for 12 years before I saw an allergist and started a shot regimen. I seem to be allergic to everything, but mainly, grass and tree pollen.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Instead of a stand-up act, let's take a musical revue on the road. I'll front my garage band, Mommy's Got a Headache, and you can do James Brown covers.

I was duly Even Stevened, waking up at 2:30 a.m. with a killer headache. Sinus. Nothing touched it until I popped and ibuprofen AND an acetaminophen at 8:00. By 2:00, it had abated enough that I could think clearly.

I really need to get my sub folder in order and take my sick days on those occasions. It would be easier if I didn't get a new student every other day. Of course I got a new one TODAY. The seventh one so far in this particular subject.