Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cutting The Apron Strings Does Not Sever The Connection

I was just sitting here this afternoon, doing much of nothing, carousing about the internet, when I decided to send the #1 son an email. I've been busy all week, and it was his first week of classes, so we've been out of touch since around Tuesday.

The phone rang. It was #1.

Sometimes, a mom just KNOWS. #1 is coming home this afternoon to gather his gladrags for a fete of engineering next Saturday. He'd rather spend gas money than buy a new wardrobe. Plus, he is in desperate need of his Calculus notes so he can float down Calc II Creek WITH a paddle. Farmer H was supposed to take him that blue composition book right after he moved, when he delivered #1's desk chair. Instead, he took the empty blue folder that sat under the blue composition book. Tomato, tomahto. Composition book, folder. Farmer H marches to his own drummer.

#1 plans to pop in and surprise his grandma, who is right now making Chex Mix for my favorite niece and her favorite granddaughter. I think she will be delighted to see him. I had to call and surreptitiously ascertain whether she would be home. Now I know she will be a captive audience for at least two hours, what with tending the Chex Mix. That will give #1 time to arrive on her doorstep. I wish we had the Publisher's Clearing House photographers to capture the moment when she opens her door.

Farmer H is also being kept in the dark. Unfortunately, not literally. He's got his head in the master Mansion shower, patching one of the "seats" in that enclosure. A crack was what caused the leak in my basement lair ceiling. Yes. Farmer H sits down when he showers. Not this ol' gal. Get in, do your business, get out. I find showers tedious. But not so tiring that I want to sit a spell. You'd think Farmer H would have felt the pinch from that crack and fixed it before the basement water torture.

Anyhoo...that old goat will kick up his heels when he sees the #1 son is back. We were expecting him next weekend. He's not staying, because he has schoolwork to do, and 2/3 of the Mansion residents have succumbed to a vicious respiratory virus. No need infecting him with Captain Trips, and sending him off to contaminate his college dormitory. Laws, no! M-O-O-N. That spells, Mother Abigail doesn't want to fight the weasels in the hen house in this heat, just to fry up a meal for the handful of survivors.

I love a good surprise. Don't you?


knancy said...

I have read "The Stand" so many times I don't even want anyone to know. And then a reference to it! Now I may have to read it again. M-O-O-N spells love that book/adventure. Every time I read it I find something else intriguing that I missed the time before. How good is he? G-O-O-D.

Sioux said...

Good surprises are good. However, surprises like, "Good god, I missed a huge swatch of leg hair when I shaved, and of course I'm wearing a skirt without stockings" is NOT a good surprise.

Neither is, "Oops, the wire in my underwire bra just escaped from its casing and half of it is peeking out from the neckline of my shirt."

Or, "Surprise. You've had no 'monthly' visitors for 8 months but--whoosh--here comes a flood, and you're in the middle of teaching a lesson and you're wearing pants--light tan pants."

Yes, some surprises are good. Other...not so much.

I hope you enjoyed your son's short visit.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I used to read it once a year. In the heat of July, sweating like Franny and Harold just before leaving on their journey.

I did not like that mini-series. The casting was way off for me.

I also used to read The Shining when we got a big winter snow. Of course, that's before I had kids and busywork taking up my reading time.

Yes, the short visit was pleasant. I didn't even have to make sandwiches.

Remind me to never hire you to throw a surprise party, Madam.

knancy said...

The first time I picked up "The Shining" and read a paragraph I thought, "What is all the hoopla about!?" I threw it next to my sofa in my crochet bag. Picked it up a week later and could not put it down! Seems like my mood determines how and when and if I will like a book. Something to remember (maybe?) when submitting your talent.