Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't Let Them Go The Way Of The Leisure Suit

Hey! Did you hear? Crocs is in trouble! Not the reptiles on Animal Planet. The shoes! The comfy plastic shoe that is a basic essential of my at-home wardrobe. Seriously. A pair of black socks, a pair of red Crocs, and you can't get much more foot-comfortable than that!

I know this must be true because I read it in the U.K. Daily Mail. Stock in Crocs is dropping! I blame my sons. They never would wear Crocs. Even though I pointed out that manly men in the 11th grade at Newmentia wore them, and they LIKED them. Nope. Not good enough for my boys.

Farmer H has a pair. He loves to wear them out in public with that back strap around his heel. Yeah. Some people just can't be helped. I even bought him the cool camouflage Crocs. And he repays me by wearing them like some kind of hick. The boys don't want to go anywhere with him when he wears his Crocs. And to make matters worse, Farmer H calls them "sandals."

My mom has two pairs, because I bought them for her. She wore out the first pair, but refused to part with them. She actually has THREE pairs, because my sister bought her some navy blue ones with a faux fur lining. They're her winter Crocs. She wears them out to basketball games.

What kind of a world is it where Crocs can no longer thrive? Doesn't everybody need footwear that can be slipped on and off without even bending over? What if you need to dash into an emergency surgery? Must have Crocs. They can be hosed off, you know. They're like those rubber boots that dairy farmers wear, only low-top, and with holes in them, and in all the colors of the rainbow. Surely you need to add some to your wardrobe.

Don't let Crocs go under.


knancy said...

Crocs - more comfortable and cheaper than Birkenstocks!

Melissa said...

No, say it isn't so. I can't go back to the Devil's Playground cheap flip flops! Well, this gives me a reason to start buying more so I can stock up for the coming years. I refuse to wear the clogs, but I love the flip flops. They get dirty, just get a scrub brush and kitchen soap, and they are as good as new.

Sioux said...


I will have to run out and buy several new pairs to boost the stock prices.

Of course, I will still continue to wear my ol' tan ones at home (mostly), and the black ones that our dog chewed on...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You forgot to mention they are a favorite chew toy for puppies everywhere! I have croc sandals. One is brown and one is black. I had three pair, one being hot pink. It could be worse. Wall-E, the wonder dog chewed the right pink and brown shoe and the left black. I could have chosen to pair the pink and black .....

Hillbilly Mom said...

And just as sensible.

Don't be a clog snob! Have you EVER tried them? It doesn't mean you have to wear them out in public. I don't. Though Madam below you has been rumored to wear hers in school. No, mine are strictly for around-the-Mansion. They are SO comfortable.

Maybe you and Kathy can have a "chew exchange" to match up your colors. Since people who wear Crocs are all about looking good, you know.

Maybe Crocs should re-brand their product to make it a pet chew. Nobody has to know that you're wearing dog toys on your feet.