Saturday, August 17, 2013

This Issue Refuses To Bite The Dust And Roll Over With Its Feet In The Air

Hey! I think I have found my own solution to the CeilingReds Curse!

When we last convened, I was faced with a lady-doctor appointment to find a new drug. A non-existent generic. I entertained the thought of finding a new pharmacy that carries the specific brand name. However, calls around town resulted in, "You want WHAT? What IS that? Spell it again. I've never heard of that." Yeah. Which doesn't make me want to switch to those drug dens. Not even The Devil's Playground had heard of it. Seriously. You can mention it to your BFF Google and it read all about it in all of 2.1 seconds. Doesn't seem like they were trying very hard to get my business.

So I did what I had to do. I called my new pharmacy and asked if I could have my prescription for that one drug back, to take elsewhere. Of course the very helpful girl who dealt with my problem all last week was off. But the phone answerer said all I had to do was go to a new pharmacy and have them call, and they would send my newest new pharmacy that prescription. Which to me seems kind of like asking your ex-husband to walk you down the aisle and give you away, but that's just me.

You're not going to believe what I was forced to do. Everybody join hands and take a deep breath. I had to call CeilingReds and ask them to transfer that one prescription back. I know! It almost made me physically ill. The girl who answered was SO POLITE! And she had the same name as that one from the new pharmacy who had helped me. Surely she could not be the same one! Do pharmacy techs moonlight at other pharmacies?

I explained the lengthy scenario. That I would even pay outright for that med, even though it costs the princessly sum of $93, in order to avoid a forced doctor's appointment and a day off work next week. Helper said that she would call my new pharmacy and get the prescription. Then she would call my insurance and "lean on them" and send them a screen shot (hopefully of nothing inappropriate as a bribe) and even get corporate CeilingReds involved if necessary. She called me back in twenty minutes.

Helper apologized profusely, acknowledging that this was CeilingReds problem, due to issues when switching over from the old chain. Furthermore, she assured me that I was not the only person experiencing this problem, and that my insurance said they would wipe the other two assumed refills from my permanent record. That I could get my refill for the regular price of $35 as usual. insurance said their computers were down. Uh huh. Surprise. Helper said she would need to call them back on Monday to remind them to put it through. Helper is off Monday. I assured her I had enough to last me until Tuesday. Helper is off Tuesday. However...Helper declared that she was going to pop into CeilingReds on Monday and take care of this issue for me. She was not even going to try explaining it to the other girls. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I thought I was hallucinating.

Oh, and Helper said they did not have that med in stock, but the supplier was there right now, and said she would put it on their order to send to the store every month, and I should have it Monday.

Good thing I don't have a pincushion near the phone. I would be poking myself to see if I was dreaming.


knancy said...

I think your hormones are wreaking havoc on your brain due to your anxiety of being without them!
Too good to be true! But if it is true, she deserves some Chex Mix.

Hillbilly Mom said...

What are the odds of finding TWO very helpful young ladies at two different pharmacies with the exact same name?

I anticipate a Stevening.

Sioux said...

Along with some Chex Mix, at some point you could also give her a signed book of yours.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Dang! Teachers don't rake in this much swag at Christmas!