Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Read It Here First

Excuse me while I breathe on my all-natural, medium-length fingernails, polish them on my shirt front, and hold them out to admire. I called it. Yes. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is on the case. Looks like Ceilingreds has its sweet receipt caught in the wringer. Uh huh. CeilingReds is being sued by the Missouri Attorney General for deceptive pricing practices.

Think about it. If they will overcharge people in a scam that is easily detectible by the customer at the counter, or when viewing the receipt, imagine what they're doing with your insurance company and your prescriptions!

Don't talk to me about that "accident" and "honest mistake" crap. Funny how there's never an accident or honest mistake that charges customers too little 20% of the time, now is there? I doubt that happens even 1% of the time. Or in an isolated incident. Or ever. CeilingReds is probably listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for never having ever undercharged a customer.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, your new investigative reporter. With less facial hair than Geraldo. And proud to say she has never stepped foot into Al Capone's vault.


Sioux said...

AND can I assume you've never taken an almost-nude self-portrait of yourself to show off your 70-year old self?

CeilingReds now...What next for your sharp investigative eye?

knancy said...

Wish I had a humorous remark to make, but this is such an ugly practice. I worked in the medical field for over 30 years and it is nothing but a greedy big business now. I'll send you an email of my adventures from earlier this week just trying to get a duplicate pair of glasses.

Hillbilly Mom said...

That assumption, Madam, does not make an ass of u and me. I have not. But if I was to suddenly switch genders and age decades and look like that, I might consider it.

I have not yet decided on my next expose'.

I'll try to make a humorous remark: no wonder you couldn't get a duplicate pair of glasses...you needed glasses.

Yes, let's hear that tale of medical incompetence and greed.