Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don't File That Restraining Order Just Yet

We're approaching hour 36 since the Great Coop Escape, and the entire Hillbilly family is trying to adjust. The Pony must not have realized yet that the #1 son is gone. I have observed no difference in his demeanor. Tomorrow evening, he takes on the dumpster-driving duties to make sure the trash is at the end of the driveway Tuesday morning.

Farmer H is moping around the homestead like that darn blue-headed turkey when Farmer H leaves Hillmomba. He was all excited this morning as he readied items to drive back to college for #1, like a desk chair with executive arms. That boy must have already formed a corporation. Next thing you know, he'll be needing a long table for meetings with his underlings. Farmer H gets teary-eyed when discussing the boy. "I knew I would miss him, but I didn't think I'd miss him THIS much."

I have been teary-eyed 24/2 so far. It comes and goes. Like when The Pony and I came up the driveway yesterday and I saw the open hole where #1's Ford Ranger usually sits. I whimpered, "#1's truck isn't here!" And The Pony said, "But MY truck is." Yeah. A few feet over, and maroon instead of red. It's not quite the same. And furthermore, Farmer H told me all evening yesterday that #1 was going to be emailing me. When he had not by 10:30, I kind of gave up hope, especially after Farmer H yelled at me and said, "Forget it, he's going to text ME with the stuff he needs." Then that thoughtful young man called me! Of course it's because Farmer H told him to, but still, I got to hear his voice. He loves it there and has the coolest roommates ever, and they all have SNACKS! Today I found out that he had sent me a text last evening, which The Pony heard come in on my phone, checked it, and neglected to mention. Farmer H was shocked that I don't immediately go to Messages when I pick up my phone. Why would I? There's a little symbol on the screen if there's a new text. UNLESS SOMEBODY OPENS IT.

My mom wants #1's address so she can send him a card every now and then. I gave her a copy of the floor plan and marked his room. Gave her a printout of pictures of parts of the dorm. Tomorrow she's getting the orientation schedule that I found online and printed. She is very happy that he is close enough get to him in a couple of hours. Not that she ever plans on going there. But she wants a map of the campus.

Yes. We're a family of stalkers.

One of my worst moments was when I went upstairs to bed in the wee hours, and saw that Farmer H had closed #1's bedroom door, and it looked JUST LIKE WHEN HE WAS HOME! But he wasn't...

Today in Save A Lot, the cashier asked when #1 was leaving for college. She's a student at Newmentia herself. So I had to tell her all about it, without shedding a tear. It's good practice, I suppose, for tomorrow when my fellow faculty will be inquiring.

We miss him mightily. The next time I make sandwiches, I might have to throw one on the ground and say, "This is for my sonny who ain't here."


Sioux said...

I imagine there is a "Family Day" sometime this fall for the college kids' families?

Yes, you'll miss him terribly, but it will get better and when he comes back for the holidays or for a weekend, it's all the more sweeter...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Maybe. Or maybe there's just a sandwich buffet station that needs staffing.