Friday, August 23, 2013

Who Knows What Even-ing Lurks In The Heart Of Steven

I fear that Even Steven will seek retribution for that disparaging post about computers yesterday.

Every night has its dawn, just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song...wait a minute! That's Poison! Every Rose Has Its Thorn. What I meant to say was: every time I dare to complain about some such act or instance, Even Steven lays a complementary smackdown on me.

I readied my classroom for the weekend. Arranged the junk around my desk just so. Wouldn't want Cus to sprain a tricep wiping too vigorously with that bleach rag. I dutifully logged off my laptop. That's so updating can take place. It turns itself off later.

On the way out the distant hallway door, The Pony and I spied the Tech Dude trying to hack into the building. Okay. He was just using his key because the buzzer system had no operator. His helper accompanied him. We could have let him in, but he had already hacked.

Once we hit T-Hoe, I realized that I'd left my phone on my desk. I drove The Pony down to the open doors and sent him to retrieve it. Then I got worried. Tech Dude had a load of cabley, metal-boxy accoutrements under his arm. I'm not sure what he was up to. What if he decided to suddenly give me a new laptop over the weekend? I did not want one! Besides, I had left my textbook teacher CD in the laptop drive! Woe was me. I normally take it out (but not like Elaine's date on Seinfeld) and put it in the three-drawered blue plastic storage thingy beside my printer. This time, I did not.

Even me another way, Steven. I need that textbook CD.


Sioux said...

When I closed down my classroom in May, I put my three (old, not always-working) student laptops in my cabinet and locked them up. The teachers who left their laptops on their shelves...they got them taken away by the well-meaning tech people. Then, the teachers had to hunt down their missing laptops. Not me, luckily.

You stumped me. Which date of Elaine's?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Call me Stumpy! Jerry set Elaine up with one of his friends. When saying goodnight in the car, he took it out. Here's a YouTube three-minute clip for you.

You probably don't remember it because it was in the episode where Kramer and his "little" friend Mickey get stand-in jobs on a soap opera, and Kramer suggests that Mickey put lifts in his shoes because the child actor is growing.