Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Few More Days, And This Place Will Feel Like The Overlook Hotel

Another snow day, another wasted day. You'd think I could get something worthwhile done with all this free time, but I can't. Something always comes up. Today it was laundry, dishes, and potato soup. Oh, and I forgot the one item I wanted to make sure I put in the laundry, and now there are several pots and bowls and utensils from the potato soup waiting for me in the morning.

Wednesday, The Pony and I will try to get to town. Farmer H says the roads are still TERRIBLE. But I've seen a Jeep and an old truck driven by the bearded man who shovels road gravel into the potholes go by the past two days. Farmer H says a dude plowed our gravel road with his tractor blade. Still. The county road is covered, the lettered highway is covered, and our interstate highway is covered until it hits I-55.

The #1 son says he is going to Illinois tomorrow. Not the state in general. He has a specific destination, but I don't choose to reveal his route. Like I won't have enough to worry about getting myself to town and back. He's spending the night there, then going directly to college, where he will spend Thursday night on a couch in a dorm where the residents don't have to pay $25 a night over the break, and then he and the Solar Car bigwigs are off to St. Louis for a presentation. I hope that area misses the new snow storm headed in Wednesday night.

The Pony and I will resupply at The Devil's Playground, and head to my mom's neck of the woods to drop off treats (aka leftovers we don't want) and make sure she's not out of slaw. I might have been able to make it sooner, but with the dangerous wind chills, I had no desire to die in a ditch.

Maybe something of interest will happen, or we can get a picture of the outside world. I don't even think about work anymore. This is Day 10 of our snow days.


Sioux said...

Ooooh, day 10. When you're teaching way into the summer to make up for it, it'll feel like redrum...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Now looking at Day 11 on Thursday. Still getting out in May, though.