Friday, January 3, 2014

It IS The Season

Have you heard? There's a snowstorm on the way. If you can believe your hair-hacker at Terrible Cuts, we here in Hillmomba are expected to get 6 to 9 inches. Uh huh. Starting Saturday afternoon, ending Sunday afternoon. That kind of throws a monkey wrench into our return to school on Monday. Especially with the temps hovering around -5 Sunday night. Que sera sera.

Like any true-blooded Hillmombans, The Pony and I took off for The Devil's Playground. We need more milk, and more bread. That place was more crowded than Christmastime! Nothing brings Hillmombans out of the backwoods like a Friday on the first weekend of the month with snow in the forecast! We were lucky to snag a parking place a couple of rows off center, but only five or six cars up the aisle. Those poor handicappers were sitting with their cars idling, waiting for other handicappers to vacate their 25 spots. Actual handicappers. With the license plates and everything. I shudder to think of the waiting line for the beeper carts inside. There were plenty in operation.

Of course tonight the #1 son informed me that we are out of Solo cups. Shame. I could have bought some today. It's like he thinks they won't sell to him. I am expected to provide the Solo cups for him to harvest ice from Frig and let sit until it melts. That fellow is a menace to the environment. I think I've used the same Solo cup since we bought that empty pack. Which was way back in the summer, because we don't use them up when #1 is at college. I'm surprised mine is even the same color. If it wasn't for that unfortunate crack that developed down the side when I dropped it, I could have still been using red instead of cerulean blue. All I use it for is to swig water with my morning thyroid pill. It's almost new, really. Plenty of life left. Maybe #1 would like to borrow it while we're snowed in. I only need it for five minutes, first thing in the morning. He could have it the other 23 hours and 55 minutes. It can't be any worse than when he was a baby, and I let him have sips of water through the straw of my Bubba Cup. Until that day I had a little water left that night, and poured it out in the sink, and it looked like I had dipped it out of the Mississippi River.

So. We're only two weeks into winter. This might be a long one. I remember seeing several woolly bear caterpillars this year. All black. In fact, I even saw one crossing the road in summer. That's pretty early, I think. Maybe I should go to my school bag and get out that Farmer's Almanac that I bought Farmer H for Christmas and forgot about until now. Just to see that winter forecast.

I might even give Farmer H his gift.


Sioux said...

Do what we do at parties. Get a cup. Put your name on your cup with a Sharpie. Use the cup 'til you leave (later in January).

1 cup will do him...

Cazzie!!! said...

With this post you succeeded in making me laugh out loud. My laugh may well have woken up my slumbering patients...and put them into a buzzing frenzy... upsetting my sister colleagues. That is if I did not muffle the laugh out I guess it was a muffled laugh.
Any images of those bear caterpillars for my daughter Mia to peruse? The budding entemologist and lover of creepy crawlies that she is. I took her to view 'Walking with Dinosaurs' at the cinemas yesterday. She loved it, and of course, she knew every scientific name for each dinosaur in the flick. I am a proud Mumma!
Stay warm people! We are having a heat wave up the top parts of Down Under at the moment.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Just what kind of parties have you been attending, Madam? Sounds kind of shady to me. Next thing you know, I'll find out you've been stuffing yourself into a phone booth with a plethora of other partygoers, and swallowing live goldfish!

We used to write our names on the styrofoam soda cups at the bowling alley during bowling league. That's not exactly a party.

Hi Cazzie!
I do not have any pictures of the actual Woolly Bears for Mia. I did not have my phone ready when I saw them.

We see then pretty often crawling across the road, and I saw one outside the door at school in August. Usually, they have the black and brown bands, but this year they were completely black. We're being hit with our 4th snow storm this winter. Already! Don't know if there's any truth to the weather-predicting skills of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar, but here's the link where I looked it up:

Maybe that can get Mia started on some research. Of course, you won't have to worry about winter right now!