Friday, August 15, 2014

Kitty Pr0n

Look away! This post is for a mature audience.


This little pin-up darling was caught unawares while posing for her centerfold. Such a come-hither look! Twitching her dainty tail to and fro...teasing. No bear-skin rug for this gal. She's a guy's gal. At home in the workshop or BARn, always ready to display her wares.

The part I find particularly pleasing is the pooch of her belly, bulging out like the business middle of a Liquid Paper correction pen. See the resemblance?

Perhaps I should start a pin-up calendar. Our little puss-puss would make the cover. Right now she's mellow, but you never know when she'll be feeling a little frisky...

Oh, who am I kidding? That cat is never gonna feel frisky. That lazy lug is taunting all you cat-lookers. He's not even a girl! Well, we thought he was, up until that day we took him to the vet and asked her to spay our precious ball of fluff. Imagine our surprise when the vet refused. "I'll castrate him, though."

Stockings has never forgiven us that transgression. Now he eats his feelings. It somehow suits him.


Sioux said...

HM--We had a cat who topped 20 pounds. He ended up dying of--I guess--a heart attack. One day he made a little sound, then fell over on his side and was instantly gone.

There was never enough food for Elmo. He emptied every bowl he found.

I think if Stockings and Elmo had met, they wouldn't fight over a female feline (both being fixed). However, they might have gotten testy over a bowl of cat chow...

Melissa said...

I'm not sure if my Snickerdoodle will ever forgive me after taking him to get spayed, and the secretary called us (giggling) to tell us Doodle was a he. Or maybe he's not forgiving me for dressing him up as a princess. Coming from a family that has only owned dogs, it was quite a surprise. He now goes by the name Doodle, and we don't talk about the situation around him. I'm not sure if the counseling has worked.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Hopefully, if our cats had ever met, it would not have been at the big black roasting pan of kibble on the wooden shelf by the garage door. Because I'm not sure that thing is rated for 40 pounds.

How appropriate: Doodle. Have you seen The Simpsons Movie? When Bart is dared by Homer to skateboard naked to Krusty Burger and back, and Bart says, "But girls might see my doodle!" Yes. I think that is an appropriate shortening of Snickerdoodle's original name.

If Doodle is not up to 20 pounds, the counseling has worked. Hard to overcome that princess thing, though...