Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Is Why Schools Block WhoCube From Their Servers

Okay. We all know I'm not talking about WhoCube. I am cleverly referring to the endless video hosting service one might watch over the internet, which has gazillions of quirky and sometimes educational clips that are not all child-friendly. Or even socially acceptable.

I found a really good clip today, after school hours, that I would like to show tomorrow as an introduction to my lesson. I will be missing students here and there, due to club day. So the rest of them are not getting the day off from work, but will have to design an animal toy that will keep zoo animals happy and unbored and perhaps fat and sassy as well. It's about animal enrichment. Stuff like giving a polar bear food frozen in a giant cylinder of ice. Or letting monkeys pick snacks out of some PVC pipe stuffed with obstacles and treats. Or holding painting sessions with elephant. I hear they are better artists than orangutans.

My video shows many examples. It's cute. It's sweet. It's eight minutes long. And it has a totally inappropriate picture in those videos in the sidebar area. Can't miss it. I will have to start my clip full-screen before turning on the projector, and make sure to cut to "video" instead of "computer" on my projector remote just before the end to bring up the black screen, thus sparing my classroom the sight of the inappropriateness if that clip ends before I can click it off.

This is why we can't have cute, sweet, eight-minute long, educational zoo animal clips. Because SOMEBODY out there needs to inform us, visually, of this fact: "Animal With Biggest B*lls." Don't bother to look it up. That picture is not even discussed in the video. It looks like some kind of light-brown bull, perhaps. But those appendages are the size of watermelons. Not saggy, either, like the fake ones guys hang from their pickup truck trailer hitches. And, for good measure, there's a guy holding his hands under them in awe.

Yep. I will need to remain ever-vigilant. Because if there's even one ball on the screen, you can bet that high school kids will find it.


Sioux said...

There is a site called, puretube.com or something like that, which will allow you to pull youtube up on your smartboard and not mess your pants as you frantically try to exit the site because of the spicy, racy, nasty things that come up.

Oops, it's viewpure.com I believe...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Smartboard? I haven't had one of those that worked since 2009. I will give it a look when I get some spare time. Which I don't have right now because I am WORKING while you lay about with your pure viewing, Madam! And, I daresay, a bowl of bonbons at the ready.