Sunday, May 10, 2015

Once Upon An Afternoon Feary

Perhaps I did not mention the noises I heard in my dark basement lair this weekend. Perhaps I DID mention that Farmer H and The Pony were gone Thursday evening, and Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.

Of course I told you about the Fridgeezoo gadget in the mini fridge, who talked to me every time I opened the door. That doesn't count. Nor the sound of walking in the #1 son's room, because that is a known anomaly. Nor the sound of a soda can pop top, which is also a known anomaly, seeming to come from my office if one is sitting in the blue basement recliner, or from the area of the #1 son's photo printer if one is sitting in my office.

This was a new sound. Like a wail. "Waaaaaa!" Like a banshee, maybe. I heard it just after entering my dark basement lair around 3:15 on Saturday afternoon.

What in the world? What IS that? That's kind of creepy. It's coming from out there in the main part of the basement! Right? It's not in here. It kind of sounds like that Fridgeezoo gadget. But the mini fridge door is closed! It doesn't talk unless the door opens. That can't be it, wailing through the closed fridge door! What IS that? There it goes again! EEEEE! That's creepy!

I sat down at my New Delly, and heard it again. Oh. Never mind.

It was the attempted crow of a chicken on the other side of the concrete wall of my office, where the chickens gather under the porch when it's raining.

Only that, and nothing more.


Sioux said...

A little "Poe is me" today?

The title and the last line was a telltale sign at the heart of your post.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Some days, a cask of Amontillado would be good.