Friday, November 13, 2015

Also In The Running In The Pony's Career Sweepstakes...

You'd think The Pony spends every moment of his school day absorbing knowledge like a thirsty Bounty Paper Towel. He's kind of a quicker picker-upper, as evidenced by his recent crowning achievement of that perfect score on his national college admissions test. You'd think that. But you'd only be half right.

Apparently, The Pony is indiscriminate in WHAT knowledge he picks up. This afternoon, we didn't leave school until shortly after 5:00. I was absent today, (only 96 sick days left), and had to catch up on today's scores, what with Monday being progress report time. I drove through Burger King on the way home to pick up some food. Nobody, particularly Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, wants to cook on a Friday night after getting home two hours late.

As we rounded the curved concrete island between the order thingy and the pickup window, The Pony said, "Oh. Mom. My teacher and her husband had this fish, and it died. It was either constipated, or it had a tumor."

"Oh. And they know that because they saw a dark blog of poop or tumor through its translucent fish skin? What kind of fish did they have?"

"I don't know. But you know how a fish's body is supposed to end like THIS?" He put his index finger and thumb together in a streamlined point. Of course he had to hold it up beside my head, what with him riding in the back seat.


"Well, THEIR fish's body ended like THIS." He put his index finger and thumb in a circle. Like the "OK" sign.

I suppose that might pay off, should The Pony decide to become a veterinarian, or an ichthyologist. 


Sioux said...

A day off? Don't mention it if it happens again. I'm too much in need of a day off... and Thanksgiving is NOT soon enough.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, I'm going to have to mention it again. Here or there. Get used to it! You can live vicariously through Mrs. Hillbilly Mom!